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World’s Largest Private Yacht To Dock In Guaymas

World’s Largest Private Yacht To Dock In Guaymas
by Lynn Prince

The world’s largest private yacht, The World, will dock all 644 feet of her luxurious girth in the Port of Guaymas on May 21. The World is a floating city at sea; a private residential community of wealthy, adventuresome voyagers who actually own their pricey residence on this 12-story dream vessel.

Because residents purchased the vessel and all the assets connected with its operation, they and the ship’s captains collectively determine the elegant craft’s yearly itinerary, based on their personal interests. The World averages 2.5 days in each port, but it is not unusual for the vessel to spend months in diverse regions around the globe allowing thrilling adventures, in-depth exploration, deep immersions in various cultures and memorable journeys. It is not your ordinary touristy approach to sea travel, but a secluded, floating sanctuary at sea has been intimately created and personalized for its elite owners.

In 2009 The World is offering three unique expeditions to some of the most diverse locations around the globe, and the first of these voyages takes place May 15–24 right here in Mexico’s largest natural aquarium on earth . . . our very own Sea of Cortez. The fact that the wealthy residents of this prestigious vessel would pick a 10-day journey on the Sea of Cortez speaks volumes about our area’s picturesque destinations and islands with its volcanic mountains, exotic sandy beaches, azure blue waters, and thousands of known species of marine life. They are docking in our very own Port of Guaymas to enjoy the good life in Mexico!

Although this pleasure yacht could easily house 657 passengers, they choose instead to limit the number of residents and guests onboard at any given time to 150–200 people. An experienced seafaring staff of 250 provide nearly one-on-one care with every amenity and high-end service imaginable. So residents are pampered and enveloped in utter luxury the minute they step onboard.

The World offers 165 homes starting at $1.4 million all the way up to $7 million. All homes are currently sold, but some are occasionally for rent, with a minimum six-night stay.

The ship also offers a host of unbelievable amenities from scores of culinary restaurants that include a gourmet market/deli and café, two swimming pools, tennis court, paddle court, golf facilities with a golf simulator that enable golfers to virtually play famous golf courses around the world, babysitting services, and an endless list of unique onboard activities and entertainment.

Yours truly and a television crew from Channel 8 will be filming a live tour aboard The World and interviewing residents, so stay tuned for a more in-depth look at life onboard The World.

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