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ZAPP - Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics

Beginning on June 12th, ZAPP, and our vet, Dr Antonio Solis will be begin holding Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics every Friday at Dr Solis's office here in San Felipe. ZAPP will subsidize up to $1500 a month to help locals with spay/neuter costs. We will publish money saving coupons in Mexican papers, and distribute these coupons throughout Mexican owned businesses in San Felipe.

These coupons will be worth $20 each, and can be used against a $30 spay/neuter surgery, including an antibiotic regimen that goes home with the dog, and suture removal 7-10 days later. Pet owners in town who want their animals fixed will be asked to pay the remaining $10 when presenting a valid coupon at the clinic. These coupons are for locals only, and Americans will be asked to make a reasonable donation to help cover costs. With ZAPP's commitment to a $1500 monthly donation, will still fix up to 75 animals a month.

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