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Fishing in Puerto Peñasco

Fishing in Puerto Peñasco

by Branden Black

Many people travel to various areas on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, but did you know that this small gulf is actually teeming with fish? Not many people know that there are over 350 species of fish in this seemingly small body of water, and many of those fish can mean a delicious Saturday night fish fry if you just take some time to spend a little bit of money, throw some bait on a hook and relax.

If you own your own boat, or know somebody that may be able to loan you one for the day, it will be much cheaper. Once you arrange a boat, you may need to pick up a few things that can be found at various shops and vendors around the "barrio." You will need a half a pound or more of either shrimp or squid—you can usually find someone selling them very cheap out of the back of their truck on the side of the road. You may also need some weights or hooks, which can be found at one of the few fishing shops scattered around Puerto Peñasco. And, of course, you will need an ice chest full of beer, cola or whatever you prefer.

Finally, you are ready to launch the boat. If you have a small, private boat, I would recommend launching from Cholla Bay, as this area always seems to be packed with fish. You may want to head out 400 yards or more if your boat can comfortably take you there. In the waters around this area, bottom-fishing is the best tactic, and more than likely you will be pulling in triggerfish, rock bass, and small grouper in no time. If you would like to keep your catch, I suggest you fillet them on the boat—this way you don’t have to deal with the unused remains later on. Even if you don’t catch the most fish, or the biggest fish, you can be assured that you will still reel in a fine afternoon.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to own a boat or have a free arrangement for one, you can always go to the fishing port and find a fishing tour for as little as $25 a person.

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