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Letters to the Editor - July 2009

Letters to the Editor

Mexican Men
With great respect, I direct myself to you to express my great discontent caused by the article "Mexican Men," May 2009 edition. I welcome and appreciate that people like you dedicate themselves to the task of writing about Mexico, but as a Mexican, the way she talks about Mexican men is an insult.
I refuse to accept her comments, because I believe that the lady is no one to interpret Mexicans like that. I know and have faith that Mexicans receive Americans with open arms and without judging them. I find the way in which she says how Mexican women use eyeliner or how we Mexicans think about"‘balls" when we order eggs for breakfast insulting—please! Maybe the lady wanted to appear "funny or amusing," but it wasn’t; not for many people.
I await a public apology; and you should be more careful about what is published. Thank you and have a nice day.
~Lilian Vega

Lilian, on behalf of the entire Mexico Living staff, I apologize to you and everyone else that this article offended. It was intended to be humorous, and in no way meant to belittle Mexican men. If you'll read it again, there is no reference to Mexican women; it merely says, "young good looking woman."

After receiving your letter, I asked my American husband to read it. He thought it was funny and said, "Honestly, this could pertain to any man of any nationality. But, for American men, we'd have to replace 'eggs' with 'nuts!'" So, some thought it was funny; others did not.
We appreciate your feedback and hope that you accept our sincere apology.

May Edition

I've read the May issue cover to cover and love how much wonderful info is packed in. For the most part the writing is fun to read. Please pass on my comments to the appropriate person(s). You guys are doing a great job with the guide and it shows Northwest Mexico in a good light for those considering living here. Thanks for your great work!
~Sue McDevitt, Ensenada

Sue, thank you so much for the wonderful feedback. I will definitely share your compliments with all the writers and the publishers.

As always, we are interested in hearing from you, what you think of Mexico Living, and the topics you’d like for us to cover. Send your suggestions and comments to

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