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San Felipe Weather...A Sticky Wicket

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San Felipe Weather...A Sticky Wicket

Yesterday was hotter than Hell! I checked..Hell Michigan's high for yesterday was only75 degrees, here at Weather Central it was 97 degrees and about 80% humidity...the light breeze just wasn't enough to keep the sweat evaporating and it was STICKY!

Today's weather should be similar except at the moment we have a stiff breeze which is making it much more comfortable. Lots of cloud cover today and again later this week. There is a 30% chance of precipitation in the northern Baja area but looking at the radar noting seems to be pointed at San Felipe directly. but be prepared you know these roofs were designed to keep the sun out...Expect to see a trickle of tourists and old friends start arriving early for the fourth of July weekend, San Felipe's last bash before the long, hot, lonely summer...Enjoy!

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Mexicali Forecast San Felipe should be cooler
Monday: condition icon Chance of Rain
High: 39°C Low: 27°C
Tuesday: condition icon Partly Cloudy
High: 41°C Low: 25°C
Wednesday: condition icon Partly Cloudy
High: 42°C Low: 27°C
Thursday: condition icon Chance of Rain
High: 42°C Low: 28°C
Friday: condition icon Clear
High: 43°C Low: 28°C
Saturday: condition icon Clear
High: 42°C Low: 26°C

San Felipe, B. C. N.
Temperature:31 °C
Dew Point:28 °C
Wind:S at 18km/h

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