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San Felipe Weather...An Other Week Of Great Weather

San Felipe Weather...An Other Week Of Great Weather

Fathers Day Weather was warmer and muggier than it has been for awhile, but when the little buggers, now fathers themselves remember you on Fathers Day remember your special day with Cerveza, kinda melts your heart.

Temperature this morning started in the mid 70s which is a good sign that the day has potential. Again the posted weather icons and forecast is generated out of the Mexicali /Yuma area and the forecast doesn't take into consideration the effects of our location on the Sea of Cortez.

I expect the temperatures to run to the low & mid 90's ...cooler than the projected 100 degree weather but also expect our humidity to be a bit higher today than yesterday. Hope that our breeze remains steady...Enjoy!

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Updated: 11:00 PM PDT on June 21, 2009
Clear. High: 39 °C . Wind NNE 18 km/h . Heat Index: 30 °C .
Monday Night
Clear. Low: 23 °C . Wind WSW 14 km/h .
Clear. High: 41 °C . Wind NE 14 km/h . Heat Index: 32 °C .
Tuesday Night
Clear. Low: 24 °C . Wind WSW 14 km/h .
Clear. High: 42 °C . Wind SE 14 km/h . Heat Index: 36 °C .
Wednesday Night
Clear. Low: 25 °C . Wind WSW 14 km/h .
Clear. High: 43 °C . Wind SE 14 km/h . Heat Index: 35 °C .
Thursday Night
Clear. Low: 26 °C . Wind West 14 km/h .
Clear. High: 42 °C . Wind North 14 km/h . Heat Index: 41 °C .
Friday Night
Clear. Low: 27 °C . Wind SSW 10 km/h . Heat Index: 31 °C .
Clear. High: 41 °C . Wind SE 18 km/h . Heat Index: 38 °C .
Saturday Night
Clear. Low: 26 °C . Wind South 14 km/h . Heat Index: 36 °C .

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