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San Felipe Weather...Race Day Forecast

San Felipe Weather...Race Day Forecast

The 2009 Tecate Score Baja 500 got off to a start early this morning in Ensenada under overcast Pacific skies and a brisk 54 degrees, current temperature is just 61 degrees with expected highs on the Ensenada side of the peninsula of 68 degrees, just a few degrees lower than San Felipe's temperature of 70 degrees here at day break.

Racing into the higher elevations in the center of the peninsula racers & fans will experience partly cloudy skies and high temps into the mid 60s. Dropping down into the barren laguna Salada temperatures should be in the low 90s today with clear skies with steady light winds.

Wishing all the racers and spectators a safe race day...and good suntans...Enjoy!

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Updated: 11:00 PM PDT on June 05, 2009
Clear. High: 34 °C . Wind WNW 14 km/h .
Saturday Night
Scattered Clouds. Low: 17 °C . Wind WSW 18 km/h .
Scattered Clouds. High: 33 °C . Wind WNW 18 km/h .
Sunday Night
Overcast. Low: 19 °C . Wind West 14 km/h .
Scattered Clouds. High: 35 °C . Wind WNW 14 km/h . Heat Index: 29 °C .
Monday Night
Partly Cloudy. Low: 18 °C . Wind WSW 21 km/h .
Overcast. High: 34 °C . Wind West 18 km/h . Heat Index: 27 °C .
Tuesday Night
Clear. Low: 16 °C . Wind WSW 21 km/h .
Clear. High: 34 °C . Wind West 21 km/h . Heat Index: 26 °C .
Wednesday Night
Clear. Low: 18 °C . Wind WSW 18 km/h .
Clear. High: 34 °C . Wind WNW 21 km/h .
Thursday Night
Clear. Low: 18 °C . Wind West 18 km/h .

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