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San Felipe Weather...Will Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head?

San Felipe Weather...Will Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head?
Not that I am complaining but yesterday was the warmest weather yet this year at Weather Central. We hit 102 yesterday between 4:00 & 5:00 PM yesterday afternoon. Earlier in the day the humidity had us layzing around the segunda and being near a fans when ever possible. The as the temperature rose the humidity decreased. After 5:00 the temperature rapidly retreated to 90 degrees and eventually cooled to this mornings low in the low 80s.
Awoke to cloudy skies and those "they" guys are predicting a 20% chance of rain, trace amounts but we know that the way rain works around here we could have a gully washer in one area and zip for rain a stones throw away.

Today's weather is looking pretty cloudy with higher humidity but plenty of breeze. Rain drops most likely won't keep falling on your head, with a heat index in the upper 80s it's going to feel warmer.

As I recall there was rain in the mountains last year before the Baja 500. All the race cars were covered in mud if we do get some rain it will just add a little bit more excitement to the racing...Enjoy!

Photo by Sean:
The Baja 500 is coming
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Campo Diamante, Ejido Delicias
Temperature:28 °C
Dew Point:18 °C
Wind:ESE at 6km/h
Extended Forecast Hide
Updated: 11:00 PM PDT on June 03, 2009
Chance of Rain. Overcast. High: 39 °C . Wind SW 21 km/h . Chance of precipitation 20% (trace amounts). Heat Index: 31 °C .
Thursday Night
Scattered Clouds. Low: 21 °C . Wind WSW 21 km/h .
Clear. High: 36 °C . Wind WNW 21 km/h . Heat Index: 27 °C .
Friday Night
Clear. Low: 17 °C . Wind WSW 21 km/h .
Clear. High: 34 °C . Wind WNW 18 km/h .
Saturday Night
Scattered Clouds. Low: 16 °C . Wind West 18 km/h .
Partly Cloudy. High: 33 °C . Wind West 14 km/h .
Sunday Night
Partly Cloudy. Low: 18 °C . Wind WSW 14 km/h .
Scattered Clouds. High: 35 °C . Wind WNW 14 km/h . Heat Index: 34 °C .
Monday Night
Clear. Low: 18 °C . Wind WSW 18 km/h .
Clear. High: 35 °C . Wind West 18 km/h . Heat Index: 28 °C .
Tuesday Night
Partly Cloudy. Low: 20 °C . Wind West 21 km/h .

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