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Wine Country Cuisine at Hacienda Restaurant

by Steve Dryden

Culinary options in Mexico’s premier wine country of Guadalupe Valley are limited when it comes to quality and consistency. As a wine tour operator who offers lunch options it is important to find venues that provide good food at reasonable prices along with excellent service. Over the years I’ve given all the valley restaurants business, but few have lived up to my expectations for service, quality, reliability and reasonable pricing. Finally, discovered Hacienda Restaurant in the village of San Antonio de las Minas that met and exceeded all the details I had been hoping for to compliment my wine tour business. Now 99 percent of my clients love this place for the food, service and the natural ambiance.

This outdoor restaurant is situated in the midst of a retail plant nursery where guests are surrounded by lush ferns, diverse flowers and exotic blooms under the canopy of ancient oak trees. Light jazz and soft rock music flows through the trees and the daily breeze from the ocean is often perfumed with scents from the blooming flowers scattered about the plant nursery. Hospitality and great service enhances the atmosphere, but the menu really captures the show with a diversity of great options. The artisan cooks in the kitchen offer great presentations and large servings of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, pasta, poultry, meat, as well as traditional Mexican cuisine. Fresh is ups are made daily, most of the produce is grown locally and transformed into savory salads. Their menu has a focus on healthy cuisine with an emphasis on unique salads and fresh seafood.

Finding Hacienda Restaurant is somewhat challenging, but simple if you follow these directions. As you enter San Antonio de las Minas from Ensenada on Highway 3 look for a large Corona beer sign on the right side of the road as you enter town. Turn right there on the only paved road and follow it to the third stop sign, turn left, follow the dirt road across the creek and turn right into their driveway. They are open everyday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and offer a brunch on Sunday for US$10 that is very popular.

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