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San Felipe Weather...Seat Of The Pants Forecast

San Felipe Weather...Seat Of The Pants Forecast.
Yesterday's early morning weather report predicted a mid 80s heat index, but by mid morning, a seat of the pants heat index assessment proved it to be considerably higher... (in an outdoors office this is a relevant part of forecasting, I am currently looking for equipment to both measure the moisture content of the seat and methods of removing sweat stains).

Today's weather is calling for a heat index in the low nineties, and temperatures could push towards 100 degrees in areas, scattered clouds with light breezes are expected.

This weekend's weather will offer up heat index figures in the mid 80s again, just in time for the Baja 500. Should be lots of activity in town with race fans & race support. Actual race course doesn't get any closer to San Felipe than the Hwy. 3 check point. See Race Map. Race fans traveling to the top of hwy 3 to spectate will enjoy even milder weather...Enjoy!

Photo by Sean:
The Baja 500 is coming
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San Felipe, B. C. N.
Temperature:23 °C
Dew Point:17 °C
Wind:NW at 7km/h
Updated: 11:00 PM PDT on June 02, 2009
Scattered Clouds. High: 40 °C . Wind SSW 14 km/h . Heat Index: 34 °C .
Wednesday Night
Scattered Clouds. Low: 23 °C . Wind WSW 18 km/h .
Partly Cloudy. High: 39 °C . Wind WNW 14 km/h . Heat Index: 31 °C .
Thursday Night
Partly Cloudy. Low: 21 °C . Wind WSW 21 km/h .
Scattered Clouds. High: 36 °C . Wind West 18 km/h . Heat Index: 27 °C .
Friday Night
Clear. Low: 16 °C . Wind WSW 21 km/h .
Clear. High: 34 °C . Wind West 18 km/h .
Saturday Night
Partly Cloudy. Low: 16 °C . Wind West 21 km/h .
Scattered Clouds. High: 34 °C . Wind WNW 21 km/h . Heat Index: 26 °C .
Sunday Night
Overcast. Low: 17 °C . Wind West 14 km/h .
Scattered Clouds. High: 34 °C . Wind WNW 14 km/h . Heat Index: 33 °C .
Monday Night
Partly Cloudy. Low: 17 °C . Wind West 18 km/h .

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