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ZAPP Creates MHTA Network Coming Soon!

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Creating something new is always a great adventure for me.

I love marketing; I love reaching people; and I love doing it for animals.
I always get a buzz when I witness an idea that has come to fruition, and makes a difference.

Like the ZAPP Spay/Neuter Project which began in 2007. 
After the events of the past several months in San Felipe, it became very obvious to me that Baja needed a network of rescue groups, shelters, and other interested parties, that could come together monthly to share ideas, and demonstrate what is possible when large numbers of like minded people get together. As you know, some things MUST change in Mexico when it comes to the inhumane treatment of animals, and I believe that time has come. 
All of us need to work together---Mexicali, Ensenada, Tecate', Tijuana and of course, Rosarito, where amazing work has been going on for years.

was born out of that need.
Like so may things that show up in life when they are wanted and needed, so did Shawn Santos and the HOPE ANIMAL NETWORK. This new, socially connected online group, operates much like FACEBOOK, and is the brainchild of Shawn.
I'm announcing today that in the next four weeks, ZAPP and some of it's members, will go to Mexicali, and come together with a like minded group of animal advocates, who work so hard for the stray and indigent animal population, in an effort to not only launch MHTA, but also to share the power and future of  HOPE ANIMAL NETWORK.  (Date & Location of the event to be announced). 
I have invited Shawn Santos to host part of the meeting. He will give the presentation that he recently hosted on his live webcast, which I know many of you missed. This amazing webcast is now available below:
Please become a monthly subscriber to ZAPP,  so we can continue to do our work here in Baja, which includes  our weekly spay/neuter clinics here in San Felipe, and your membership will also help us to properly launch
Check out our Blog at for spay/neuter schedule.
Steven Forman,
ZAP 707-320-4969 from the States
686-577-2708 in San Felipe

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