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Rosarito Beach Tourism Hits Summer High

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO---Tourism hit its summer high
here this past weekend with hotels recording 65 percent occupancy on Friday and 93 percent on Saturday, city and tourism officials said.

The occupancy figures topped even Fourth of July weekend, which was the best weekend of the year to that point.

"It has been a challenging year for tourism so we're very encouraged to see this ongoing rebound," Mayor Hugo Torres said of the popular resort city 30 miles of south of San Diego, where the economy is largely dependent on tourism.

Convention & Visitors Bureau President Laura Wong praised both private and government promotional efforts for helping bring about the rebound. Businesses also have been offering some exceptional deals to attract visitors.

A slow U.S. economy has contributed to the decline, but Torres and others say publicity about violence among rival drug cartels and authorities as the Mexican government cracks down on organized crime has been the main factor in the decline.

"But as time passes, people have realized the scattered violence in Mexico does not affect them nor is it anything they will even see," Torres said.

"Tourists are not targets. In fact, our visitors are safer and more secure than ever, and they're passing that information on to friends and relatives who in turn are coming to visit us and having a wonderful time."

Rosarito's estimated 14,000 expatriate residents also have helped greatly in getting the positive and accurate message out about the attractions and benefits of the seaside city, the mayor said.

"We look forward to an even stronger rebound as more people realize this," he said. "We still have ground to gain to reach our past level of tourism and repair the economic damage that has hit many of our businesses and residents."

Rosarito last year started a special Tourist Police Force, city office for tourist assistance and created an ombudsman to help visitors with any problems.

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