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Weather for Baja California Sur

Wednesday , 07/01/2009 9:00 AM MDT
Beautiful blue skies will be the call for Baja California Sur today with warmer temps while Baja California will have mostly to partly cloudy skies today and a degree or two cooler than yesterday. Winds in the Sea are forecast to be light an variable.
June 2009 sets a record with the fewest formations of tropical cyclones during the month since 1953. Normally, the Eastern Pacific has seen the formation of 4 tropical cyclones with an average of 2.75 of them becoming hurricanes.
July is usually a very active month but Baja has rarely had to worry about storm landfalls until mid August. We have one tropical wave on our map (orange arrow) moving west. This wave is forecast to spawn a tropical Low and might develop into a tropical depression late in the weekend. However this system is forecast to move almost due west and enter cooler waters before having the opportunity to develop further. Provided by

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