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PRESS RELEASE - MLG is Read 166,861 Times

August 20, 2009
For Immediate Release
John Pack, Publisher
Mexico Living - Guide to the Good Life

MLG is Read 166,861 Times
During the month of July 2009
SAN FELIPE, BAJA CALIFORNIA - August 20th - During the month of July 2009, through the combined networks of Issuu, Google, Mexico Living had a combined 166,861 UNIQUE PAGE VIEWSto our online PDF guides. This number represent the number of Mexico Living pages read during the single month. 
September 2009In October 2008, Mexico Living began distributing online editions through the use of Issuu, an online PDF publishing system and network.  The site has its own viewers and members and is also indexed by the Google search engine. This along with Mexico Living's weekly newsletter, website and blog has contributed to the continued growth of Mexico Living readership.
From both an advertising and editorial stand point, it's important to know that Mexico Living advertisers and writers are being exposed to new readers in perpetuity and that Mexico Living has continued monthly readership long after the month of publication.

This number represents ONLY our Issuu readers, not the website, printed edition readership or subscriptions.
Total Number of Unique Page Views: 166,861

Total Number of Unique Page View per edition:

5069 - August 09
7780 - July 09
13389 - June 09
19812 - May 09
14470 - April 09
10690 - March 09
24512 - February 09
9167 - January 09
19229 - December 08
7348 - November 08
2529 - October 08
3234 - September 08
2112 - August 08
2470 - July 08
1634 - June 08
1854 - May 08
1609 - April 08
3531 - March 08
4991 - February 08
3147 - January 08
1541 - December 07
2945 - November 07
236 - October 07
1714 - August 07
392 - June 07
1231 - April 07
225 - Febraury 07

To Read or Download any back issues:
Download Blog (linked to Issuu)  
October Edition - HEALTH & WELLNESS

The October edition is our Annual Health & Wellness Special Edition. We will cover all aspects of Mexican healthcare and what you need to know to receive quality care in Baja and Sonora. We'll examine facilities, doctors, insurance, critical care, medicine and so much more. From surgery to massage, spas to homeopathic alternatives being offered in Mexico. If you are involved in the healthcare or wellness fields and would like to be included, please email If you have an experience with medical care in Mexico and would like to share it,

About Mexico Living:
Mexico Living is a monthly guide to Baja California and Sonora. We have been publishing since February 2007. We are committed to promoting Baja and Sonora and the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) region to the limits of our abilities. Mexico Living is distributed in 13 cities and 3 states of Mexico. 

About Issue:
Issuu (pronounced 'issue') is a dedicated team who strive for excellence in online publishing. They launched the first public version of our service in December 2007. Since February 2007, they have been venture-backed by Sunstone Capital. Please note they are still a beta service.
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