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The Retro Rockets


by Lynn Prince

Music of the 1960s was characteristic of the revolution that was going on during the decade. It was a time of rebellion and counter-culture in which the younger people were questioning everything, including authority, government, every aspect of life and the status quo. It was a fun, unique experience . . . just talk to any baby-boomers who were adolescents during that era and they will tell you how fun and fortunate they were to grow up in the '60s.

With that in mind Sonora Is Safe, in their efforts to promote tourism and the Sonoran economy, has created a Blast From the Past with a two-day concert in San Carlos with one of the best Rock and Roll bands in the Tucson area . . . The Retro Rockets.

Their music is centered on great oldies, and their high-energy classic rock with outrageous vocal harmonies wows audiences young and old alike! Their music is pretty intergenerational . . . so bring the kids to this one!

This four-member Tucson band sings three-part harmony so sweetly that you’ll think you’re listening to the original recording. You will enjoy songs from The Beatles, The Monkees, The Turtles, The Beach Boys and many others.

The Retro Rockets will be at La Palapa Restaurant on September 18 and 19, and November 27 and 28 for a 5–8 p.m. concert on the beach. Don your '60's clothes and come prepared to dance your golden slippers off doing The Twist, the Mashed Potato, the Monster Mash, the Monkey and the Dog, the Frug and the Hully Gully, and all those very cool dances the 60’s music generated . . . because this group's music is fireworks for the dance floor crowd!

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