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The Little Engine that Could
by Patricia Cochin

Before retiring to San Felipe, the only groups I joined were ones involving my children or my career. So, when I was approached by various local clubs, I politely declined.
Some months ago I was invited to a breakfast meeting by Rotarians Pim & Annika (a delightful couple)and surprised myself by agreeing . . . the surprise being I hate getting up early. Well, long story short, I joined—with my friend Dave as a mentor—and volunteered for three committees.
The reason for this change? The realization of what this small club, led by passionate President Michele MacDonald, had accomplished. San Felipe Rotary has members from all walks of our community, brought together by a desire to improve life for this town’s residents. They provide students financial assistance, school supplies, home improvements for seniors, food, clothing, ambulances for Cruz Rojas, and a fire engine for South Campos, to list just a few accomplishments.
Recently, this spirit of commitment by Rotary, other groups, and dedicated individuals of the Caminata Contra el Cancer, resulted in opening a Cancer Detection Center that provides mammograms regardless of ability to pay.
I am proud to belong to San Felipe Rotary Club and look forward to all of its future projects.

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