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Mexican Fashion Show

Several Hundred Attend Mexican-Themed Fashion Show At San Diego's Mingei Museum

SAN DIEGO, CA---Several hundred people attended a Friday evening fashion show by Mexican design house Pineda Covalin at the Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park which also featured a variety of food from Rosarito restaurants and Baja wines.

The Baja State Secretary of Tourism, Rosarito Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Rosarito chamber of restaurants were among sponsors of the three-hour event. Other sponsors included Union Bank and AeroMexico.

As well as viewing the fashion show by the internationally acclaimed designers Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covelin, guests also sampled seafood and traditional Mexican dishes from numerous Rosarito restaurants and enjoyed wines from Baja's Guadalupe Valley.

The colorful and elegant fashions were inspired by traditional Mexican culture. Mexican music accompanied the event, which was the second that Baja tourism groups have helped sponsor at the elegant Balboa Park museum in the past year.

"It's a great way to introduce or remind people in the San Diego area of all the great attractions that our region of Baja has to offer," said Jesus Santos, manager of the Rosarito Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Additional information about Rosarito, a popular seaside tourist destination 20 miles south of the border, is available at

(Please credit attached photo to the Rosarito Convention & Visitors Bureau)



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The Dangers of the Aftermath of a Hurricane

By Lynn Prince

Unbeknown to many of us, surviving Jimena was just the beginning.........the aftermath of this violent temptress has left untold dangers to our health and well being. The potential for disease outbreaks and serious injury loom far after the threat of a major hurricane. Folks in New Orleans, Louisiana are still dealing today with “Katrina Cough” from mold spores. What are some of these dangers and how should we handle them?


Power outages create the use of alternative sources of fuel such as small gasoline engines, generators, gas stoves, lanterns, camp stoves, burning wood and charcoal..... and carbon monoxide (CO) can build up in enclosed areas and cause sickness or death quickly. Never use any of these items in the house, except wood in a fireplace that is properly vented. Generators use only where well ventilated. Symptoms of CO toxicity are headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and confusion.


Follow all warnings about water on roads. Do not drive vehicles thru water. If you have to work near floodwater wear a lifejacket.


Until a government official has investigated a damaged building, stay away from it. Leave immediately if you hear shifting or unusual sounds.......structure may be about to collapse.


If bitten, wash immediately and seek medical help....rabies is a real possibility.


Typhoid, cholera, Hepatitis A and Cryptosporidiosis are associated with consumption of contaminated food and water supplies due to flooding of sewage systems. Contaminated waters may also harbor toxic chemicals including pesticides and petroleum by products. Food not properly refrigerated should not be eaten. Drink only boiled or bottled water. Boil water 3-5 minutes. Sterilize another container and pour water back and forth between containers......will taste much better.

To sterilize water using Chlorox, use 8 drops of chlorox bleach per gallon of water...let sit ½ hour. If the water does not smell like chlorine put in another 8 drops and let it stand another 15 minutes. Small amount of bleach is safe to drink. If water looks dark, smells funny or stuff is floating in it, DON’T drink it.


Wear long pants and shirts. Use DEET or insect repellant. Remove all standing water in your yard immediately..... Malaria, Denque Fever and West Nile Virus become possibilities rapidly.


Drain all standing water in your house immediately 24-48 hours. Remove all water damaged items as carpet, mattresses, furniture, wall board and destroy if unable to get water out. Promptly assess and fix leaking roofs, windows and pipes. Mold growth can be different colors or look like spots and smells musty.


Use extreme caution in cleaning mold. A –95 respirator ($12-25 at a hardware store) should be worn. Mold releases spores continually that can be inhaled and can become debilitating and deadly once in our systems. Long gloves that extend to the forearms are in not touch molds with bare hands. Wear goggles with ventilator holes to avoid getting mold spores in your eyes. Scrub mold off of hard surfaces with detergent and water and chlorox.......dry thoroughly. Make sure detergent has no ammonia when using chlorox with it.I prefer not using chlorox as it creates air pollution when it is in contact with certain materials......dioxins, furans and other orgnochlorines. I find that a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide sprayed on the mold does the trick in minutes There are other products on the market, my favorite being by Concrobium Mold Control.

Absorbent materials such as ceiling tiles, carpet, wall board etc. throw away. Mold can grow in the empty spaces and crevices of porous materials such as cement........use fans and heaters to dry. Increase ventilation to decrease humidity. Dehumidifiers, fans and heaters are good.

If mold damage is caused by sewage or contaminated water call a professional if possible who is experienced in cleaning, drying and remediation of buildings. Unless you really know what you are doing can be very dangerous to attempt to do this on your own.

Severe allergic reactions, asthma, respiratory complaints, rashes and cough are among some of the symptoms. Seek medical treatment if you are experiencing any of these.

More tips are found at:

This Week in Baja & Sonora

Sun Sep 27, 2009 through Sat Oct 3, 2009

RB-IX Steak And Lobster Festival
Where: Rosarito Beach BC Mexico

12pm Cabo-No Worry 's Bar and Grill Reggae Sundays
Where: Cabo San Lucas BCS Mexico

2pm PP-Shuffleboard Tournament at Desert Oasis Resort
Where: Puerto Penasco

1pm PP-Red Hat Club luncheon
Where: Puerto Penasco

4pm L-Augie's Bar & Bait Shop
Where: Loreto Baja California Sur

5pm PP-Monday Night Football at The Thirsty Parrot
Where: Puerto Penasco Sonora

2pm PP-CEDO Natural History Talk
Where: Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico

4pm L-Augie's Bar & Bait Shop
Where: Loreto BCS

6pm PP-BINGO at Desert Oasis
Where: Puerto Penasco

7pm PP-Bingo at Playa De Oro RV Park Clubhouse
Where: Playa De Oro RV Park Clubhouse

7pm PP-Dinner & A Movie at Thirsty Parrot
Where: Puerto Penasco

1pm PP-Horseshoe Tournament at the Sand Bar Cantina
Where: Puerto Penasco

4pm L-Augie's Bar & Bait Shop
Where: Loreto BCS

4pm PP-The South of the Border Singles Club
Where: Puerto Penasco SON MX

5pm PP-SOBS Singles meet for Happy Hour at Playa Bonita Resort
Where: Playa Bonita Resort

5pm SC-Danny Moreno at La Palapa
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

5:30pm SC-La Palapa with Mark Mulligan
Where: San Carlos Sonora Mexico

Calendar - Northwest Mexico City Events
6pm SC-Ruby Wine Bar with Omar Gerard
Where: San Carlos Sonora Mexico

6pm SF-Alcoholics Anonymous
Where: San Felipe Baja California Mexico

8pm SC-Free Movies Outside at Capitan's Club
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

9pm PP-Jam Session in Crows Nest at Lighthouse Restaurant
Where: Puerto Penasco

9am SC-Men's Club Breakfast at Evie's Coffee
Where: San Carlos Sonora

4pm L-Augie's Bar & Bait Shop
Where: Loreto BCS

4pm PP-The Connection Happy Hour
Where: Puerto Penasco SON MX

6pm RB-The Joint Happy Hour
Where: Rosarito Beach BC MX

6:30pm SF-Name That Tune
Where: Playa de Oro Beach Bar & Grill San Felipe

7pm SC-The Twins (Open Mic) at Bananas
Where: San Carlos Sonora Mexico

Where: San Felipe BC Mexico

4pm L-Augie's Bar & Bait Shop
Where: Loreto Baja California Sur

4:30pm RB-Square Dancing: Costa del Sol clubhouse at 4:30 p.m
Where: Rosarito Beach Baja California Mexico

4:30pm SC-Soggy Peso at Luna
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

5pm SC-Omar Gerardo at Fiesta Hotel Patio
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

5:30pm SC-Loerna Robles at La Palapa
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

6pm Cabo-No worry's Bar & Grill Live Music
Where: Cabo San Lucas BCS Mexico

6pm RB-The Joint Happy Hour
Where: Rosarito Beach BC MX

6:30pm SF-Agave Blues at JollyMon 6:30PM
Where: San Felipe BC Mexico

7pm SC-Traditional Folk Dancers at Banana's
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

8pm RB-Rosa & Rita (Karaoke Bar)
Where: Rosarito Beach BC MX

8pm SC-Angel Voice's at Fiesta Hotel Bar Coral
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

9pm SC-Family Band at Tequila's
Where: San Carlso Sonora MX

9pm SC-Froggy's at Utopia
Where: San Carlos Sonroa MX

9pm SC-Sandra's Mariachis at Banana's
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

12am SC-Family Band at Tequila's
Where: San Carlso Sonora MX

12am SC-Froggy's at Utopia
Where: San Carlos Sonroa MX

10am EN-Bazar Centro Artesanal
Where: Ensenada BCN Mexico

4pm PP-CEDO Natural History Talk
Where: Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico

4:30pm SC-Soggy Peso at Luna
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

5:30pm SC-Eric Holland at La Palapa
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

6pm Cabo-No worry's Bar & Grill Live Music
Where: Cabo San Lucas BCS Mexico

6pm M-Hotel Serenidad - Pig Rost
Where: Mulege BCS Mexico

6pm PP-Stampede Texas BBQ
Where: Puerto Penasco SON MX

6pm RB-The Joint Happy Hour
Where: Rosarito Beach BC MX

6pm SF-Alcoholics Anonymous
Where: San Felipe Baja California Mexico

6:30pm RB-Fiesta Mexicana
Where: Rosarito Beach BC MX

7pm PP-"Armando" Plays at The Thirsty Parrot
Where: Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico

7pm RB-Wine Dinner
Where: Rosarito Beach BC Mexico

7:30pm L-Fiesta Mexicana at Hacienda Suites In Loreto
Where: Loreto BCS Mexico

8pm RB-Rosa & Rita (Karaoke Bar)
Where: Rosarito Beach BC MX

8pm SC-Giacoman Twins at Banana's
Where: San Carlos Sonora MX

Mexico Event in San Diego

SAN DIEGO,CA — THE MEXICO PROMOTIONAL EVENT, presented by the Mexico Tourism Board and AeroMexico Airlines, will take place at Liberty Station in San Diego on Saturday, November 14th, 2009 from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Event will feature exhibitors promoting Mexico travel/tourism, culture, and real estate products from over 20 destinations. Entertainment will include traditional music and dancers plus authentic Mexican food samplings.

Sponsors include: AeroMexico Airlines and the Mexico Tourism Board. The Mexico Promotional Event is seeking media sponsors as well as local San Diego or Southern California sponsors looking to connect with Mexican businesses and government. Please inquire.

Exhibitors to date from 20 destinations including Baja California, Colonial Mexico, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, the Riviera Maya, Rocky Point, San Miguel de Allende and the Yucatan will be present. More destinations are expected to be announced in the near future.

In addition to the Event, a series of complimentary seminar presentations on tourism destinations, Mexico culture, authors, and owning real estate in Mexico will be offered throughout the day. Various raffle prizes will also be given away throughout the Expo including round-trip tickets on AeroMexico Airlines and hotel stays.

For additional information including exhibit and sponsorship availability, contact Ana Bravo at 619.584.0829 or by email at Information can be accessed at The event will be held at Liberty Station Convention Hall in Point Loma near the San Diego Airport.

# # #

Missing Boaters Found Safe

by Lynn Prince

All good sailors know that the Sea of Cortez can be like a fickle woman . . . she can be calm, cool, and peaceful . . . all smooth sailing . . . or in a twinkling of an eye, so angry, churning and dangerous. Three San Carlos boaters left on a 20-foot boat at 9 a.m., kissed their wives good-bye and said they would be back by 1 p.m. At nine o'clock that night, they still had not returned, and darkness and foreboding filled the hearts of the women as their men were nowhere to be found.

The Mexican Naval Station searched 40 miles in all directions with their helicopters. U.S. Coast Guards launched a C-130, which was soon overhead combing the area. And two boats from Guaymas joined the manhunt.

Finally, one of the wives got a call, and the Coast Guard found the three men walking a half hour north of La Manga. Their little boat had been swamped by the Bagitas. They were able to make it to shore and began their journey toward home. They encountered a large mountain on the way they couldn't scale, so they endured the water to pass the "montana." One of the men was finally able to get a signal on his wet cell phone, and made contact with his wife.

Within minutes Mexican Search and Rescue was there to pluck the weary navigators up in a helicopter and take them to the Naval Hospital in Guaymas. All men are doing well, and after all of the tragedy of Jimena, a story with a happy ending warms our hearts! Names of the men were withheld to protect the identity of the embarrassed sailors.

San Felipe Rotary Hurricane Jimena Relief Project


Mother Nature spared our beautiful little town when she let Hurricane Jimenez loose on the peninsula this month. The same can't be said for so many other towns and villages up and down the coast. Our Rotary Club District Governor, Jorge E. Pickett Hdez, has reached out asking for help for the towns of San Carlos and Guyamos where the destruction and devastation left in the wake of the hurricane has literally left hundreds homeless and in desperate need of everything from clean water to basic medical supplies.

Rotary Club of San Felipe is asking for you to help us help them. The following is a list of items that is needed: Money - all monies received will be used to help the people of San Carlos and Guyamos Clorox - cleaning and disinfecting
  • WATER!! FOOD ITEMS Milk - in the non-perishable cartons (LALA) All basic foods: rice, beans, canned goods, baby foods/formulas, etc.
  • PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS: Soap / shampoo Toothpaste / brushes Hair brushes / combs / tie backs (girls) Shaving cream / razors Diapers / infant needs Feminine hygiene essentials
  • BASIC MEDICAL SUPPLIES Polysporin / Bandaids / Aspirin
  • CLOTHING / SHOES: Should be bagged & tagged with: sex / size. Don't forget the babies!
  • HOUSEHOLD: Sleeping bags / comforters / sheets Dishes / utensils / pots/pans
  • FURNITURE Any and all furniture is needed.
  • SCHOOLS: School Supplies Books Furniture Donations will be accepted at the Placita starting Monday, September 14th through October 14th, from 10:00-4:00.
Furniture items should go to: San Felipe Storage; Monday through Saturday, 8-5; Sundays, 8-2. Please send tax deductible donations to: San Felipe Rotary Foundation, P.O. Box 9011, PMB 370, Calexico, CA 92232. We thank everyone for your generous donations and prayers. Yours in Service Maurice Nakoneshny Public Relations Chair Rotary Club of San Felipe

Talking Trash

by Dan and Audrey Coffman

Archeologists love trash. For them it is a window into the Ancient Worlds. Trash and a couple of skulls: “Look, Clive! Here’s where the cudgel smashed into the frontal lobe!” These men and women labor under the premise that ancient tribes (e.g., the Anasazi, the Mayans, Lakers fans) left behind remnants of their everyday lives lying around, and that these became significant after centuries of dust and rock had buried them. Today’s trash is tomorrow’s laboratory.

I’ve noticed that to Mexicans trash is no big deal. In town, there are “basura” barrels, and, unless a fiesta is going on, the streets and sidewalks are clean and tidy. Farther out, however, trash is pretty much left wherever it lands. Even when it’s kicked around, blown away or carried off by dogs, it pretty much stays in the vicinity. I and my husband Dan, the cigar man, are prospectors, and discovered this when we ventured out into the wilds in search of buried gold. The gold we were seeking, as the story goes, was buried back in the 1930s by a Mexican ranch owner who was seeking a safe repository for his treasure. Our metal detectors did their job, finding strong signals in dozens of spots, but no gold. We unearthed only trash—shell casings, beer tabs, rusty bolts, wires—most identifiable. Others were a quandary, like the strip of carpet thingy—the one-inch piece of metal that anchors wall-to-wall around the edges of a room. My friends, we were in a pretty desolate spot and the houses or whatever was left of them had dirt floors. No “Rugs R Us” for hundreds of miles around. Figure that one out, my archeologist buddies.

Americans are preoccupied with trash. We catalog it, categorize it, double bag and triple bag it. We spend billions of dollars a year to move it as far away from us as possible. Let’s face it: It’s YUCKY! But, I wouldn’t want to be the archeologist many years from now, long after we Americans have died off, trying to figure out what life was like based on our trash, scratching his head and saying, “I think I’d better find a skull or two around here, 'cause the trash is missing!”

Padres host Rosarito Kids

Padres & Emerson College Project Host Rosarito Students

On Sunday, August 23, 2009, eight Rosarito Beach-area residents were treated to an afternoon at San Diego's PETCO Park, courtesy of the Padres Foundation and in conjunction with an ongoing public affairs project, "Rediscover Rosarito," led by Emerson College students and faculty. The students, 13 to 18, enjoyed a memorable experience while serving as cross-cultural ambassadors for the Baja community.

Rosarito Beach Mayor Hugo Torres expressed his gratitude to the Padres organization for hosting the group, providing their tickets, and presenting them with souvenirs. Both Torres and the Padres envision the event as the first step in a long-term partnership. "There are many Padres fans in Rosarito Beach and there will certainly be many more. We very much look forward to continuing to develop interest in both the Padres and in our beachside community, which is only 30 miles away from San Diego," Torres said.

''The Padres were delighted to serve as hosts,'' said Alex Montoya, the Padres Director of Latino Relations, ''and show how baseball in a beautiful ballpark is tremendously fun, especially for the children present. At the same time we look forward to speaking more with officials from Rosarito and exploring more things we can do in that city and how we can make their visits to PETCO Park even better.''

The event was organized by Rediscover Rosarito,, a public affairs/public diplomacy project led by Dr. Gregory Payne that is dedicated to the community of Playas de Rosarito, Baja California. Established in 2008, the effort is run by a grassroots coalition of graduate students from Emerson College in Boston and local Rosarito Beach leaders and supporters. Its mission is to mitigate the effects of a steady stream of bad news and inaccurate reporting coming from Mexico and restore Rosarito Beach's image as a safe, secure, convenient location for tourism, retirement and investment.

The afternoon was spearheaded by Emerson Masters in Communication Management candidate Jeffrey Werner, who worked closely with Rosarito-area leaders, "I was personally excited to have helped build a much-needed bridge between the municipality and the Padres, in addition to the obvious pleasure of sharing the event with the students themselves." He added, "I look forward to similar future endeavors with Mayor Torres and his staff."

Emerson School of Communication Dean Janis Anderson also expressed her support for the project, "It is always gratifying to find our students utilizing their Emerson education by applying it to a real world situation and using it to do their best to improve a particular situation."

For more information, contact Ron Raposa at (619) 948-3740 or

Rosarito New English Language Mediation Court

Mediation Court For Expatriates and Tourists Opens in Rosarito
by Ron Raposa

Mayor Hugo Torres announced that Attorney General Rommel Moreno will open, in Playas de Rosarito, the first mediation court to hear complaints between businesses and English-speaking non-nationals.

Mayor Torres said, "We have an estimated 14,000 expatriates who live here and about a million tourists a year. This action by Attorney General Moreno is a great step in resolving amicably any disagreements between them and local businesses."

The program is called Centro de Justicia Alternitiva.

The mediation court will function five days a week and will likely by set up in a suite in the large Pabellon Grand shopping center at the north entrance to the city.

Unlike courts where written documents are required, complaints can be presented orally and in English.

"This will make it much easier for non-Spanish speakers to have their complaints heard and at no expense," Torres said. "Disagreements that cannot be settled by mediation will be referred to the court system, but we believe most will be resolved."

Any consumer-related complaint from non-payment to non-performance involving any business, including professional services and real estate, can be heard.

"Rosarito is committed to its visitors and expatriate residents, that's why we have so many," Torres said.

"Almost all transactions go extremely well. But when there is a problem, we want to know about it and do what we can to resolve it. These people are either our valued guests or part of our family. They have helped us build the city."

Torres added, "We're deeply appreciative of Attorney General Moreno's significant assistance in accomplishing this."

Under the leadership of Mayor Torres, who took office in December 2007, the city also has established a special department for tourist assistance, a tourist police force and 24-hour-a-day ombudsman.

Rosarito for several years also has had a Foreign Residents Attention Office, the first in Mexico, to assist its thousands of expatriate residents.

"They are people who originally came to visit for a day and decided to stay forever," Torres said. "We value them highly and want to do everything possible to assist them."

Excellent News for Dogs and Cats!

Excellent News for Dogs and Cats!

Thanks to Animal Advocates in Baja

by Steven Forman, aka DogMan, Founder of the ZAPP and MHTA

Euthanasia by Electrocution has Ended in Mexicali! Now, if we can just end euthanasia altogether, that would really be something. Those of us living and working for the humane treatment of animals in Baja are not so naïve as to think that the thousands and thousands of street dogs and cats living in Baja can all be adopted. Although none of us advocates for euthanasia, or necessarily condones it, we know that some animals need to be sacrificed to control population.

Most shelters and rescues up and down the Baja Peninsula are "NO-KILL" facilities, and I can only assume that all are elated with the news that the process of euthanasia in Mexicali is now being done humanely through sedation.

Members of MHTA, Mexico for the Humane Treatment of Animals, along with California-based non-profit organization United Hope for Animals, Dr. Marco Antonio Tapia Miranda of Tijuana, and Dr. David Ibarra Ojeda of Mexicali are all responsible for this change in policy. As of now, perreras, control centers, and antirrabicos in Ensenada, Tijuana, Rosarito, Tecate, San Luis, San Felipe and Mexicali are all using sedation instead of electrocution as the preferred method of euthanasia.

With every culture in the world so different from one another, it only makes sense that the process of trying to impact existing policies can often seem insurmountable. When I first came to San Felipe in 2003, what I found was not only the language to be different, but also the beliefs concerning dogs and cats to be different as well. As Americans we are extremely comfortable saying that we "love our dogs," while early on it was pointed out to me that some Mexican people would never be comfortable using the word love and dog in the same sentence. Many locals do not understand how some animal lovers can sleep in the same bed with their dogs, but lots of us do. Tijuana's Secretary of Cultural Development, Javier Casteñeda Pomposa, says, "there is little culture in the city for the respect and care of animals. We need to start following the lead of other cities and states."

After doing humane animal work in San Felipe for the past six years, I have noticed a big change in attitude when it comes to the relationship between pet and owner. At ZAPP weekly spay/neuter clinics in San Felipe, Mexicans line up every Friday morning with their pets because many now see the importance of population control, and what ultimately happens to unwanted puppies and kittens.

Many people among the nearly 4,000 I email regularly in the U.S. tell me that one of the main reasons they choose not to visit Mexico is because they simply cannot handle the lack of respect for animals they see in the culture. But I assure you, that is changing, especially in areas where groups like ZAPP, Gente por los Animales, Baja Animal Sanctuary, and San Felipe Animal Rescue, to name just a few, continue to work hard to improve the quality of life for stray and indigent dogs and cats in Mexico. Animal lovers and advocates applaud Mexicali for choosing the higher road when it comes to humane euthanasia of these precious innocents who did nothing wrong and deserve our respect, both in life and death.

Our next MHTA meeting is scheduled in October, and you can check out our blog at to get the accurate date. We'd love for you to come and be part of our network. You can also call (707) 320-4969 from the States, or (686) 577-2708 in San Felipe for any information. Contact us at

LODGING GUIDE - Del Borracho Saloon & Grill

Your "Private" Getaway

Del Borracho Saloon & Grill is a U.S. owned and operated business that has become a favorite of Loreto locals; gringos and Mexican alike. The saloon is a great hangout with a huge bar looking out to the sea, with ice cold cervesa, bottle and draft, two pools tables and lots of Baja 1000 memorabilia. And the grub is out of sight! From their kick-butt breakfast with real sausage and biscuit and gravy to the standard hamburgers that are anything but standard, stacked high with all the fixin's and savory beef patties, make them some of the best in Baja.

Del Borracho is ideally located a kilometer off Highway One, with the Sierra Gigante mountains behind and an amazing view of the Sea of Cortez, and Isla de Carmen in front and is just a few minutes from the Loreto marina and some of the world's best fishing; including dorado, yellowtail, yellow fin tuna and much, much more.

The property is fully fenced and gated offering complete privacy. It has a main house, saloon and restaurant, large covered patio with room for 40 people or more, and four custom casitas with air conditioning, showers and everything anyone would need for an extremely comfortable extended stay.

Del Borracho is now offering 10 memberships for two weeks out of the year exclusively for 10 years for only $10,000. That means that up to 15 of your closest friends, family or coworkers can come enjoy the Sea of Cortez, the mountains and huge array of activities in Loreto, like golf, tennis, fishing, diving and snorkeling, back road exploring, visiting the historical missions of Loreto and San Javier, and so much more.

One of the coolest spots in Loreto can be yours exclusively, if you act quickly. Only 10 memberships are being offered.

LODGING GUIDE - Redwagon Property Services

The Difference is Experience

Redwagon Property Services is the perfect consolidation of making a house available for the vacationer and then performing any service that is needed. Located in San Felipe, Redwagon assists absentee home owners by managing their property.

Long-term rentals and vacation rental packages can include escorting the visitor from the border and setting up sunset ultralight flights, desert tours and beach excursions. All the homes are well decorated and furnished with everything a person needs. A beachfront rental affords the visitor with a breathtaking sunrise over the Sea of Cortez. A really lucky visitor stays for the full moon’s rising from the Sea.

Redwagon provides everything and more that a home owner would need in taking care of the everyday maintenance of a home. They advertise for qualified renters, collect payments, pay bills, inspect properties weekly, coordinate repairs, oversee the repair work and fill water cisterns and propane tanks.

Redwagon also offers pre-occupancy services that get the house ready post-construction. They check, fill and clean. They make sure utilities are up and running. They will arrange furniture, hang pictures, and fill your cabinets with dishes and pots and pans.

Along with all the regular maintenance, Redwagon offers house cleaning, house sitting, and pet sitting services. Their cleaning service goes hand and hand with Redwagon. Their cleaning staff are trained in all aspects of house cleaning, so you can be assured that you will find everything ship shape. The staff does everything to make your visit, your rental home or your move into a newly constructed house a good one right down to filling the refrigerator.

All vacation rental houses with Redwagon have a three night minimum. Weekly and monthly rates are available. If you wish to stay six months or longer, Redwagon can provide a six- to twelve-month lease for you.

LODGING GUIDE - First Choice Property Managment

Tom and Diane Barroll left snow behind and welcomed the sun, sand and ocean in 2000. Once in San Carlos, they acquired two properties to renovate and became landlords. Others observed their properties and asked them to manage their homes too. Most of the houses that they manage have families living in them part of the year. When the owners are absent, they find that Tom and Diane are exceptional hosts for their homes. Tom and Diane are RE/MAX First Choice Property Management S.A. de C.V.

No home should sit empty while its owners are gone, so Tom and Diane see that they are lived in. San Carlos is a lovely vacation spot with every water activity imaginable and, for the newbies, lessons of all kinds are available. There are several volunteer organizations such as Rotary, Lions, and Masons, and organized groups for beading, playing cards, fishing tournaments, quilting and just about anything else, and most everything is within walking distance.

The homes range from a one bedroom to the more luxurious three bedrooms with as many full baths. San Carlos and First Choice can accommodate the couple or the crowd. These are homes and not just rentals. The furnishings and extra appliances make life easy. If you want to cook, you have a kitchen. If not, a good restaurant is within a 5- to 10-minute walk. And the San Carlos restaurants are praised for their food and service.

Tom and Diane look after each house as if they owned it. They do inspections, supervise construction, check on damage after storms, pay the bills, find a maid or gardener, and keep the property rented, yet available when the owner wants it.

Let Tom and Diane settle you into a home away from home, and help make your stay in beautiful San Carlos everything you could want.

LODGING GUIDE - Rentals Loreto

Your One-Stop Rental Shop
Rentals Loreto, owned by Kathy Hill and Hector Ramirez, offers private homes for your vacation. They have approximately 30 homes/apartments in Loreto from studio suites to five bedrooms for rent. Each home is unique. Many have satellite TV, wireless internet service and a swimming pool. All are well furnished and in good condition. Rentals Loreto will also find a maid service and a cook if you wish.

Kathy and Hector have lived in Loreto for many years and are well known and well informed. They want to help you enjoy the many pleasures available and know all the inside scoop. They will arrange tours, fishing, snorkeling, canyon hikes, museum tours, golf, tennis, swimming, and trips to Volcanic Desert Island, desert excursions, and trips to Historic San Javier Mission.

Rentals Loreto provides one with a better choice than a hotel and usually it costs less. Four fishermen or a family of six can stay in a beautiful home with a pool for only US$140 per night (summer rates).

There are not too many long-term leases (between 3 and 12 months) available in Loreto, but they do happen and, when they do, Rentals Loreto will know about it, so just let them know. You can even let them know how much you want to spend per month, and they'll keep their eyes and ears open for you.

They do have some lovely new apartments. These have one ample bedroom, a full closet, a new bed with bedding and bedside table. The kitchen features complete cabinets, new refrigerator, stove and microwave. All rooms have curtains. The apartments are in two buildings, with the two upper units each having a small patio off the bedroom.

Let Rental Loreto welcome you to Loreto, Baja California Sur. They'll see to it that you enjoy your stay.

LODGING GUIDE - Coco Cabañas

The Secret Oasis Hideaway

The Cabanas are newly constructed, U.S. owned and operated. Coco Cabañas is located in Loreto, one block from the Sea of Cortez and two blocks from downtown. All the fun, excitement, shopping and dining is just a few minutes walking distance away. Which is why Coco Cabañas rates high praise from the visitors who discovered this off the beaten track vacation spot.

Each cabaña has a fully furnished kitchen, dining area, air conditioning, TV with video library, ceiling fans, beds for one to three people, and bathrooms with showers and hot water. The covered patio porch with fan, chairs and table make the evenings most enjoyable. The eight cabanas are built around the beautiful, and perfectly warm, pool area that is lush with palms and beautiful plants and flowers.

"Completely awesome" was one comment from a true fisherman. "From the time you walk through the front gate, you are welcomed as family and treated as such." Coco Cabañas is a secret hideaway that will get crowded fast as word gets out. One vacationer commented, "The gang who takes care of the vacationers are quick and perceptive. They have needs met before they can be stated."

However long your stay, they will make your visit pleasurable. If you come to fish, dive, snorkel, hike or just enjoy the natural beauties of Loreto, they can arrange your needs with the best people and places available. They can arrange tours to the village of Mulege or the Mission San Javier in the mountains above Loreto.

Coco Cabanas is a wonderful little oasis in a very friendly Mexican town. With daily and weekly rates, they will accommodate any vacation budget. The first visit will not be the last, and when you return you're welcomed back by smiles and warm handshakes all around.

LODGING GUIDE - La Damiana Inn

History and Comfort in the Heart of Loreto

La Damiana is a small, intimate inn located in the heart of the historical section of Loreto. The house was built in the 1930s for the Salario family when the father, a General in the Mexican Army was transferred to Loreto. The house was renovated into a posada in 2005. The Inn consists of six rooms, a central living room, a full outdoor kitchen, a patio and garden area, and a front porch.

The Damiana is tastefully decorated with artwork from around the world and natural objects from the area. Damiana is a place where one can talk with your fellow traveler over a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon cerveza. You can take a nap in a hammock, read in one of the many rocking chairs, play with the dog and cat, watch the birds and hummingbirds in the garden, cook up a gourmet meal from the day's catch, or chat with Debora and Gerardo about your next adventure.

La Damiana is located on Francisco Madero, between Hildalgo and Fco. Jordan. This excellent site places guests within three blocks of Loreto's outstanding attractions, including the Plaza, the historic Spanish Mission, the town museum, restaurants and shopping. Or head east for a short walk to the gorgeous Sea of Cortez, where you can stroll along the Malacon, watch pelicans and fishermen in the marina, or search for seashells on the sandy beaches.

Amenities include secure off-street parking, air conditioning, WiFi, computer for guest use, bikes for rent, barbecue, extensive library of books, TV and DVDs, access to laundry facilities (small fee), loving dog to pet and a playful cat.

All rooms are large, have their own bathroom with a large walk-in shower, and individually decorated with plenty of character and attention to detail.

Damiana offers a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere where people can feel at home.

LODGING GUIDE - Tripui Hotel & Resort

A vacation getaway surrounded by the Islands of the Sea of Cortez located at Puerto Escondido, just 15 miles south of Loreto. Tripui Hotel & Resort offers a 16-room hotel, restaurant with bar, large pool, gift store, grocery store, Internet and laundry services in subtropical surroundings and beautifully landscaped grounds.

All rooms have French windows that open to a private balcony surrounded by gardens, with a view of the pool and the outstanding Sierra de la Giganta.

From their restaurant, you may order from the menu or they will cook your fresh catch from your fishing trip. Both indoor and patio seating is available.

Their beautiful pool provides both a regular and a wadding pool, and the patio provides areas to bask in the sun and covered areas.

The Tripui Resort is a place where you can enjoy nature. You can travel throughout Baja and nowhere else will you find anything like the Tripui Resort.


Serving Your Every Need

An interesting multi-faceted U.S. company that manages vacation rentals for Americans that have purchased homes in San Felipe. The homes range from a modest one-bedroom townhouse to large, luxury three-bedroom homes. They vary in amenities that include things like a pool table, AV entertainment center, movies, computer access, swimming pool, tennis courts, outdoor BBQ, private beach access and rooftop living.

VIP Earth Events is able to stock groceries for you so that when you get there you don't have to immediately go out. Cuban cigars, cold cerveza and your favorite tequila can also be delivered to your doorstep. Also, a private chef is available upon request. In addition to vacation rentals, they also has some long-term rentals available.

VIP Earth Events always knows where the party is because they are also event promoters in the U.S. and Mexico, and are active in the San Felipe music scene. Visit them online at!

LODGING GUIDE - El Tiburon Casitas

The Perfect Choice in Loreto

El Tiburon Casitas in Loreto, owned by Liz Bracken, is a quiet spot behind gates to keep her guests secure. This rental is perfect for long-term stays. The property consists of three individual casitas and an apartment grouped around a central courtyard, BBQ area and a pool. The casitas are central to the beach, restaurants and mission district. No car is needed. Kayaks and bikes are available on site. There is also a fishing captain on staff who has super pangas.

El Tiburon are fully furnished, air-conditioned homes. They have ceiling fans, DVD and CD players, a clock, and full private bath/shower. The kitchen is fully equipped with large and small appliances, including a water cooler and coffee maker. Linens and pool towels are in each room, and maid service is included.

Loreto is about 725 miles from the U.S. border by car or a 90-minute non-stop flight from LAX. It lies on the east side of the Baja Penninsula between the Sea of Cortez and the Sierra La Giganta mountain range.

Visitors to El Tiburon always comment on the cleanliness and helpfulness of the staff. If you are an ice cream lover, there is the best ice cream in the world right down the street; and just around the corner is a dive shop, for those interested in diving. If fishing is your pleasure, the marina is just two blocks away.

El Tiburon is all about the peace and quiet, especially at night. El Tiburon is away from traffic and isn’t a party place. From the proximity to the sea and downtown, peace and quiet, to the great showers and the pillow top beds, El Tiburon is the perfect choice for short- and long-term rentals in Loreto. If you visit once, you'll come back to El Tiburon again and again.

LODGING GUIDE - San Felipe Vacations

For a Memorable Vacation or Weekend Getaway

Only two hours south of the border, in the prestigious gated community of La Hacienda in South Beach, San Felipe Vacations offers four custom-built homes for rent by the day, week or month.

All homes are just a short walk to the pristine isolated beach, and three have a garage with a pull-through for an extended trailer. The rooftop decks are also a great way to capture the beauty San Felipe has to offer.

Having a family reunion, special event, or just want to hang out with your friends? You can rent all four homes (Casa Baja, Casa Sonora, Casa Monterey and Casa de Esperanza). Imagine your Mexico wedding dream coming true with all your friends and family close by. La Hacienda would also be the perfect place for a corporate retreat. Their bilingual property manager is available to make sure your stay is great, so you won't want to leave.

6100/004-22/23 Valle Chico, Eldorado Ranch
San Felipe Baja California
Tel:1-760-208-1711 or 1-818-734-9028

LODGING GUIDE - Sandollar Condotels del Mar

Where Your Vacation Dreams Come True!

Sandollar Condotels del Mar is located on the beautiful Sea of Cortez in San Felipe, Baja. They specialize in making your vacation dreams come true. Sandollar is located three miles south of San Felipe village and, pilots take note, it is just a few minutes away from the San Felipe airport. You will appreciate the short drive to this marvelous holiday retreat.

They can arrange transportation from the airport, only five minutes away, and will work with you to customize your vacation from the time your plane touches down or your car pulls into the driveway. Sandollar will also book your fishing excursion, schedule a massage for your rest and relaxation, arrange a desert adventure tour or a chef to cook for you on your own patio by the sea!

When you are looking for a romantic getaway, that always special place for your honeymoon, or a gathering place for family and friends, their four-unit two-bedroom beachfront condos can accommodate you with all the amenities of home.

You won’t forget your Sandollar experience. They don’t want you to—they want you to return!

LODGING GUIDE - Playa del Paraiso

The New Way to Accommodate in San Felipe
by Sean Harrington

Beach and desert enthusiasts, anglers and golfers, as well as thousands of other tourists visit the beautiful seaside city of San Felipe every year. Savvy entrepreneurs realizing the need have been providing lodging opportunities since even before the highway came to San Felipe. Way back then San Felipe was for fishing. The accommodations where for rugged outdoorsmen with little thought to comfort. They came to fish!

What San Felipe has been missing is a truly upscale, right on the sand beachfront, world-class, knock your socks off, “which suite do the Kennedys stay in” kind of resort hotel. While Rome wasn't built in a day, the first phase of Playa del Paraiso Hotel/Condo Resort has just been completed and is now open for business. There are one-, two- and three-bedroom suites that are all super nice and full beachfront.

Passing through the newly constructed Grand Entry and security post one can't help but be impressed with San Felipe's tallest structure. On your way to guest services you will pass by the steel structure of phase two, destined to soar to 11 stories over the beach. The towers offer nearly aerial type views of San Felipe, the Sea of Cortez, the Marina and, to the west as far as the eye can see, the Sonoran Desert framed by the Sierra San Pedro Martir Range.

Arriving at guest services, it strikes you that this building is very upscale, with extraordinarily clean and well maintained grounds. As you enter, the world at your feet becomes handsomely tiled with natural stone and eight-foot tall arched solid wood doors adorned with wrought iron details grace all entries.

The elevator area is set off from the surrounding hall by travertine tiles, which are stylishly and artfully installed. The high-tech elevator itself is strikingly beautiful; operation is smooth, silent and confidence inspiring. The halls are warm and inviting with travertine floors and handmade copper light fixtures.

The suites themselves are spacious with high ceilings allowing for more of the eight-foot tall arched solid wood doors, the combination adds volume and richness to the space. Kitchens are first class, touting the newest in modern appliances, beautiful cabinetry and granite tops. Heading for the bedrooms, you no doubt stop in your tracks to view the spacious living areas designed to continue onto the outdoor balcony through and beyond the oversized picture windows to the spectacular views offered by this enchanting site. Spectacular sea views are available from almost anywhere within the suite. Spacious bedrooms, extravagant bath areas and modern designer Mexican motifs are elegant as well as functional. Day or night the views from the balconies will beat anything on HBO or Showtime.

Venture out to the garden area where lushly landscaped gardens surround the tiled pool deck. Slip into the marble rimmed infinity pool or the nearby hot tub, kick back and enjoy the view. The planned fitness center isn’t built yet. Swimming, or walking the acres of golden sandy beaches and digging for clams will have to suffice for your exercise requirements. The Spa is a future development as is the restaurant; however, “in-room massage services” are offered and San Felipe is full of wonderful restaurants. Come and enjoy the beginning of a legacy. You’ll be able to say we stayed there back when.

LODGING GUIDE - Hacienda del Sol

A Nature Lover's Paradise
Just three miles across the water from La Paz is a unique and wonderful resort called Hacienda del Sol, a vacation rental and last remaining RV park in the La Paz area.

Hacienda del Sol sits in a tropical setting with many very old giant cacti, palm trees and flowers, with fully furnished, very quiet vacation rentals only 100 yards from the beach of the inner bay. Hacienda del Sol has a couple of long, quiet beaches, separated by a Mangrove forest.

The Mangrove forest is a real treasure for bird lovers. An ornithologist once counted more than 300 different species. It is just as wonderful taking their kayaks, and paddling into the tide channels and watching all the birds.

Of course, you don't have to go to the beach to splash in the water. Hacienda del Sol has a solar-heated pool with ionized water, so no more chemicals or Chlorine. In addition, they have a shady palapa where you can put the fish or T-bone on the BBQ.

The Quiet Palapa is a cozy, palm thatched place for two with a full kitchen for only $250 plus tax per week. The 1,500-square foot Casa Coromuel is perfect for the entire family and is only $490 per week. The cozy Cabanas is the perfect place for two for only $290 a week. It is only a few steps to the swimming pool and the palapa, and only a 100 yards to the beach to collect clams to cook in the fully equipped kitchen. The 1,100-square foot Casa Sonrisa is a one-bedroom spacious bungalow with plenty of windows, a fully equipped kitchen and two beds for only $390 a week. Or for the private honeymoon getaway, there is Flor De Jamaica with a king bed, full kitchen, jacuzzi and total privacy for just $390.

LODGING GUIDE - Sleeping Around in Baja and Sonora

Exploring Lodging Optionsby Stockton Hill and Lucy E. Jackson

When traveling, one of the most important aspects of the trip is your accommodations, and they are as varied as the people traveling. And unlike traveling in other parts of the world, Mexico, especially Baja and Sonora, have about the widest selection of of places to hang your hat as anywhere. From the thatched palapa on a white sandy beach to a mountain cabin, from a historic inn that once housed generals to world-class luxury.

Mexico's great variety of accommodations goes hand and hand with it's vast array of environments; mountains and jungles, deserts and beaches—from 5 Star luxury resorts and fully furnished vacation homes to sensible, economy lodging. Fall asleep listening to the ocean, an active street on a historic village square or whatever brings music to your ears. Walk to shops and restaurants, or enjoy being pampered in your room—it's all here.

No matter if you’re on your honeymoon, family vacation or group retreat, you’ll find something that suits your every need and budget. You can sit in a rocking chair on the front porch and enjoy a great book, or you can party all night long. Location and ambiance is for you to decide.

Want to bring Fido or Fluffy along? No worries. You will be able to find pet-friendly lodging in almost every major city and we've highlighted the pet-friendly lodging options. This month's guide features a sampling of the great choices you will find in Baja and Sonora, from the bed and breakfast, budget hotels and resorts to vacation rental homes and condos.

When planning your trip to Baja or Sonora, we suggest that you check with these accommodations first; we are familiar with most of them on a personal level and can tell you that they are some of the best available. Be sure to let them know Mexico Living sent you.