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DINING - Loreto Islas

The Real Art of Gourmet Dining in Loreto

Loreto Islas is aptly named; a seaside restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows that face east onto the Malecón, the Sea of Cortez and Isla del Carmen.

From outside, Islas shines as bright as the lighthouse that can be seen just down the street. Inside, the same bright bold orange and red colors continue throughout, with the exception of the windows and the deep blues of the sea fading upward towards the soft blue sky—all of which make for a beautiful and inviting dining room.

Chef Francisco Drew Murillo is the master of the menu and, like the art on the walls, he too creates masterpieces, from his amazing sauces to his signature dish—Pescado Menier, which is similar to a paella with a healthy portion of scallops, fish, clams, broccoli and cauliflower mixed in with rice and his menier sauce.

Chef Francisco is considered by many to be the the best in Loreto. He has been producing fine dining for 27 years in many of the best restaurants and hotels in Los Cabos, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and La Paz.

Loreto Islas' menu is simple, made with the freshest produce and ranch-fresh eggs and chicken. Islas also serves the freshest seafood available, caught and prepared the same day.

You can start your day with their signature Huevos Rancheros for breakfast, have fresh seafood tacos or special burgers for lunch, and finish the day with dinner from a wide variety of the daily catch to a tender steak, along with a cold cervesa, cocktail or bottle from an impressive selection of wines from Mexico, Argentina and California. Finish it off with a daily choice of Chef Francisco's fresh flan or freshly baked cheesecake.

Loreto Islas is a must for anyone who wants an elegant dining experience. And, the best part is their prices don't reflect their quality or location; an average entree is only $8–$10.

See you at Islas!

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