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DINING - Sea of Cortez Sea Salt

Although this is not a restaurant, you're likely to find this product throughout San Felipe and in northern Baja on the table of many of your favorite restaurants—all-natural Sea of Cortez Salt.

The salt is harvested directly from the warm waters in the protected areas of the Sea of Cortez and the Colorado River Delta. Sea of Cortez Salt delivers gourmet sea salt in its simplest form, pure and natural. It's for this reason that the flavor is a "must have" for any kitchen.

In 1974 portions of the upper Sea of Cortez became an environmentally protected area. In 1993 UNESCO designated over 3 million acres of the upper Sea of Cortez and the Colorado River Delta as a Biosphere Reserve. This area has since been extended southerly to include San Felipe Bay and is under the protection of the Mexican Federal Government.

Evaporation ponds within this protected region produce an exquisite salt, pure and clean with a special sunny flavor. No chemicals, drying or anti-caking agents are used; just naturally produced solar sea salt. In fact, Sea of Cortez Sea Salt is 83 percent sodium chloride (compared to regular table salt at 99 percent), which means the salt is 17 percent rich in essential trace minerals.

Packaged in elegant Mexican ceramic "pinch" dishes and handmade glass azure-blue bottles with hand-painted labels and adjustable grinders on top, Sea of Cortez Salt's are beautifully presented—a perfect gift or a special treat for yourself.

Add the amazing fresh flavors of Mexican roasted garlic, chipotle chile and cacao, black peppercorns, or the “HOT” new flavor, chiltepîn . . . you’ll be hooked.

Whether for a margarita rimmed in their All-Natural Margarita Sea Salt or you need just the right seasoning for the catch of the day, you're going to love this salt.

Now that we've pointed the salt out, you'll begin seeing it everywhere. But, if you can't wait, you can contact Sea of Cortez Salt at (686) 209-0074, or visit them at the Plazita on Mar de Cortez in downtown San Felipe.

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