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LODGING - El Dorado Ranch - For Vacation or Forever!

El Dorado Ranch is located seven miles north of San Felipe; and only 120 miles from the U.S., it's an easy two-hour drive. The ranch serves as a vacation and retirement resort development like no other in Baja. Vacationers will discover the widest variety of accommodations available including rental homes, condos and hotels.

Far removed from the highly commercialized and over developed areas of other Baja destinations, El Dorado Ranch provides a unique opportunity not found elsewhere. Encompassing over 35,000 acres, El Dorado is the largest ranch in Baja offering its owners and guests unparalleled recreation and breathtaking scenery. From their own beach, one can walk for miles along white sand without worrying about crowds. The neighboring mountains offer a 270-degree view of majestic peaks, one of which is over 10,000 feet in elevation.

With the largest solar community in North America and 50 percent of the property preserved as green space, El Dorado has set a high standard for eco-friendly development. The air is clean, the land is pristine and the recreational opportunities are abound from tours and rentals, private beach, pool, fishing, water sports, ATV rentals, and San Felipe’s first and only golf course. Their 18-hole championship golf course, Las Caras de Mexico offers a round of golf like no other.

El Dorado Ranch has several on-site restaurants, and offers prime real estate including sea- and mountain-view properties starting from under $40,000. Construction costs are equally impressive with quality homes being constructed for as little as $120 a square foot. No other development in Baja can offer these prices with the amenity package, abundance of open space and close proximity to the U.S.

El Dorado Ranch Rentals invites you to enjoy the taste of fresh seafood, the breathtaking scenery and the miles of white, sandy beaches. Present this article and receive a 15 percent discount on your booking. Prices starting from US$80.