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The Difference is Experience

Redwagon Property Services is the perfect consolidation of making a house available for the vacationer and then performing any service that is needed. Located in San Felipe, Redwagon assists absentee home owners by managing their property.

Long-term rentals and vacation rental packages can include escorting the visitor from the border and setting up sunset ultralight flights, desert tours and beach excursions. All the homes are well decorated and furnished with everything a person needs. A beachfront rental affords the visitor with a breathtaking sunrise over the Sea of Cortez. A really lucky visitor stays for the full moon’s rising from the Sea.

Redwagon provides everything and more that a home owner would need in taking care of the everyday maintenance of a home. They advertise for qualified renters, collect payments, pay bills, inspect properties weekly, coordinate repairs, oversee the repair work and fill water cisterns and propane tanks.

Redwagon also offers pre-occupancy services that get the house ready post-construction. They check, fill and clean. They make sure utilities are up and running. They will arrange furniture, hang pictures, and fill your cabinets with dishes and pots and pans.

Along with all the regular maintenance, Redwagon offers house cleaning, house sitting, and pet sitting services. Their cleaning service goes hand and hand with Redwagon. Their cleaning staff are trained in all aspects of house cleaning, so you can be assured that you will find everything ship shape. The staff does everything to make your visit, your rental home or your move into a newly constructed house a good one right down to filling the refrigerator.

All vacation rental houses with Redwagon have a three night minimum. Weekly and monthly rates are available. If you wish to stay six months or longer, Redwagon can provide a six- to twelve-month lease for you.

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