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Rabbit Pizza Delivers on a Perfect Pie!

Doesn't matter which city or country you're in, there is likely to be a pizza parlor, pizza delivery or at the very least frozen pizza you can take and bake yourself. San Felipe is no different; there are least four different pizza choices. But of them all, one stands out—Rabbit Pizza.

When I first saw Rabbit Pizza, I thought, "now that's interesting, a pizza made with rabbit." As it turns out there was no rabbit on the menu, but rather many of the usual favorites, like combinations, pepperoni, vegetarian, etc. They also offer six specialty pizzas and just about every topping you'd need to create a masterpiece of your own.

Rabbit Pizza is not only known for their great tasting pizza, but also the variety of sizes, including the grande, which will feed an army. It is about three feet in diameter and available with any toppings you desire. The other unique thing about their pizza, that I find delicious, is the sesame seeds they sprinkle around the crust and bake in to perfection.

Rabbit Pizza is located on Chetumal, below the traffic circle on the left as you're heading toward the Malecon. They have a few tables outside, although I don't think the tables are large enough for the "grande." No worries, if you'd rather stay home, they delivery to most of San Felipe, and they do it quickly—sorry no "30 minutes or less, or it's free." However, they don't need it. In no time at all your pizza will arrive hot and delicious. I'm guessing "Rabbit" refers to how quickly you get it.

When ordering by phone, I suggest you have the order ready and know a little Spanish. Of course, you can do as I do and drop in say "hola" and point to your favorite on the menu.

If you like pizza, you've got to have a Rabbit!

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