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San Felipe Rotary Hurricane Jimena Relief Project


Mother Nature spared our beautiful little town when she let Hurricane Jimenez loose on the peninsula this month. The same can't be said for so many other towns and villages up and down the coast. Our Rotary Club District Governor, Jorge E. Pickett Hdez, has reached out asking for help for the towns of San Carlos and Guyamos where the destruction and devastation left in the wake of the hurricane has literally left hundreds homeless and in desperate need of everything from clean water to basic medical supplies.

Rotary Club of San Felipe is asking for you to help us help them. The following is a list of items that is needed: Money - all monies received will be used to help the people of San Carlos and Guyamos Clorox - cleaning and disinfecting
  • WATER!! FOOD ITEMS Milk - in the non-perishable cartons (LALA) All basic foods: rice, beans, canned goods, baby foods/formulas, etc.
  • PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS: Soap / shampoo Toothpaste / brushes Hair brushes / combs / tie backs (girls) Shaving cream / razors Diapers / infant needs Feminine hygiene essentials
  • BASIC MEDICAL SUPPLIES Polysporin / Bandaids / Aspirin
  • CLOTHING / SHOES: Should be bagged & tagged with: sex / size. Don't forget the babies!
  • HOUSEHOLD: Sleeping bags / comforters / sheets Dishes / utensils / pots/pans
  • FURNITURE Any and all furniture is needed.
  • SCHOOLS: School Supplies Books Furniture Donations will be accepted at the Placita starting Monday, September 14th through October 14th, from 10:00-4:00.
Furniture items should go to: San Felipe Storage; Monday through Saturday, 8-5; Sundays, 8-2. Please send tax deductible donations to: San Felipe Rotary Foundation, P.O. Box 9011, PMB 370, Calexico, CA 92232. We thank everyone for your generous donations and prayers. Yours in Service Maurice Nakoneshny Public Relations Chair Rotary Club of San Felipe

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