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Dogman says, "San Felipe Animals Win the Lottery"

San Felipe Complete Animal Care

If you are reading this email, then it must be after 2pm, on Tuesday, October 13th, because that's when we closed the land deal on the new ZAPP Animal Care Center. The NEW Center is 7.5 acres, or 3 hectares, in Mexican speak, and is located in San Felipe; just two miles off the highway going south toward town.

We will open the NEW facility for animal business in early November, and I'm so excited, I could just "plotz!" With the help of an anonymous donor from California, who himself has been providing care and solace to dogs, cats, birds, horses, ducks and pigs for more than 30 years, ZAPP is so honored and humbled that this man chose us to expand his vision by opening this satellite location in San Felipe.

The ZAPP Animal Care Center will have an open door policy for any and all dogs, cats, puppies, kittens---or any other animals that need care and safety because of injury or abandonment. Our mission is to remove all at risk animals from jeopardy, and provide a safe, loving environment
that improves their quality of life. In addition to being a shelter and rescue, ZAPP will also continue its spay/neuter program in San Felipe. The Center will also be a rehabilitation and adoption facility, for puppies, kittens, and special needs animals. Assisted living kennels for geriatric animals that are less adoptable will also be part of our Center. Initially, many of these older animals may be transported to our sister sanctuary in California. ZAPP is a "no-kill" facility, and unless circumstances are dire, we will adhere to that policy.

The ZAPP Animal Care Center will also provide Board and Care services for local travelers; and, can you believe it, grooming services, too. And although a "lofty" goal, we will do everything possible to have 24 hour urgent care services. We are also committed to holding workshops and classes on-site for students in our community, in an effort to teach everything we can about humane animal treatment and population control.

As part of our agreement, our donor is underwriting everything involved in running a complete animal rescue, and I mean everything, but he will not be assuming financial responsibility for ZAPP's Spay/Neuter Program. That program will continue to be funded thru private
monthly donations and local fundraising events. Here are some numbers that illustrate what it costs ZAPP each month to spay and neuter 100 dogs and cats at $30 per animal.

ZAPP currently has 91 monthly subscribers in our ZAPP Financial Friends Program.
The cost of spaying and neutering 100 animals a month is $3000.

The cost of producing each individual clinic is about $200, including advertising. The total amount of all monthly donations thru the Financial Friends Program is currently $1185.
ZAPP does have other monthly expenses as well which are paid out of these donations. Like everyone else, the economy has hit us hard, and this year I'm staying off the streets of San Felipe and not trying raise money as aggressively as I have in the past. The competition among non-profits in San Felipe doing great work is fierce, with all of us out there fighting for the same $20 donation from folks
who live on fixed incomes.

Please Become a Member of our Monthly Financial Friends Program or make a one-time Donation.

ZAPP SPAY/NEUTER PROJECT of San Felipe 707-320-4969 from the States686-577-2708 from San Felipe

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