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Violeta's Story

My name is Violeta. I am a small calico cat who was brought to the San Felipe Animal Rescue (SFAR) thrift shop (segunda) in early August. Before I was brought here I endured some tragic and painful life experiences.

During my first pregnancy, while I was trying to deliver my kittens, I was attacked by dogs. They killed my kittens and injured me. Besides being a grieving mother, I am left with a damaged, wonky tail and damage to my hind quarters that makes me walk with a funny gait. I think I am lucky to be alive.

I can tell you that the Segunda in August is very hot and, to add to that misery, I was pregnant again. At one point I was so hot that I was afraid I would not survive the day. And that's when my life turned around. A kind, old lady SFAR volunteer took me into her home. After I cooled down and felt a little more comfortable, she gave me a bath—I could have done without that, but it did make me feel better. Then she combed me. Ahh, that felt so good it made me purr!

Sharing a house with a nice lady has been wonderful. I no longer have to forage for food because this nice lady feeds me delicious things whenever I ask—politely, of course. I've tried a variety of both canned and dry food and most of it I like. However, I've discovered I really like Corvina; pizza is pretty good too, if I can pick out the onions and green peppers.

Life here is good but I was still worried about delivering my kittens. I kept remembering how those dogs hurt me—especially my hind quarters. Would I be able to deliver my babies without a problem?
Finally, on August 17, I went into labor. My labor was long and difficult but, with some help from Magdalena, I finally delivered three healthy and adorable kittens. I know, I know . . . all mothers are biased and think their babies are beautiful. But, I can say mine truly are.

My firstborn, a boy, is dark orange tabby and white. His orange tabby coloring makes him look like he's wearing an orange cape with a matching hood.

Next came a beautiful pale caramel-colored boy. He is unusual in that he has only a stub of a tail that's really quite cute and gives him a machismo swagger.
Last, but certainly not least, is my beautiful little girl. She's sort of a charcoal gray color with white boots and a slash between the eyes just like mine—very, very chic! I think she'll grow up to be the Cindy Crawford of the cat world. She also has a stubby tail—a genetic characteristic, but it's not from my side of the family . . . my long tail used to be beautiful.

I think my work here is nearly done. I've started weaning them. Already they're starting to share meals with me and are learning to use a litter box. After they're weaned, the nice people at SFAR have told me that they will spay me. I'm looking forward to it because life before SFAR rescued me was pretty awful. And maybe, after I'm spayed, I can find a permanent, loving home.

SFAR has also agreed to spay/neuter and help find homes for my youngsters so they will never have to endure the hardships that I have. Mothers always want a better life for their children and thanks to SFAR, I think this will happen for mine.


P.S. I've enclosed a picture of me and my family when they were three weeks old. I don't have anything more recent because they're so active now that I can't get them to hold still for a picture. Be sure to look for the Animal Rescue's 2010 Calendar being sold at the segunda and at the El Dorado swap meet.

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