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Dec 6: La Casa Vieja - Christmas Festival of the Arts (Playas de Rosarito)

La Casa Vieja - Christmas Festival of the Arts
La Casa Vieja in the beautiful Guadalupe Valley is hosting a Christmas Festival for local artists and presenting their house wine. It is a chance to meet the artistic talent of Baja, shop locally for Christmas, enjoy the taste of organic wines, and eat at the delightful Las Brasas Cafe. La Casa Vieja is just minutes past the town of San Antonio Las Minas on the Ruta Del Vino. Driving east on Hwy 3, drive past CV on the left to make a U turn.

La Casa Vieja / Christmas Festival of the Arts
11:00am to the evening fire (approximately 8pm)
December 6, 2009

You Will Enjoy
* “CV Pressed” A wine tasting experience made popular in France
* The works of the Baja artisans
* Las Brasas open grill cooking
* Music under the olive trees
* Visiting the historic 1800’s adobe ranch home
* Gift items galore
Eat, Drink and be Merry
Celebrating Christmas Baja Style
For more information contact: Colleen Toscano at 646-155-3153 or e-mail:
All artists are welcome: Contact Martina at e-mail:
For reservation for Las Brasas, e-mail:

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