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Gypsea Journal #1 - South for the Summer

You're never ready when you think you are, but if you wait until everything is perfect, you may never leave the dock—or hit the road in our case. The day before we needed to leave, our most important RV system stopped working—no 12-volt power. We left anyway.   

We figured one way or anther things would work out; they always do. Besides, Rachel and I have learned from a friend, Bob Bitchin, publisher of Latitude & Attitude, that the only real difference between an ordeal and adventure is your attitude. This was going to be an adventure and we were going to have a good attitude, no matter what.

The last time we packed up and hit the road, we loaded up three teenagers and a cat, and explored the United States for almost three years. This time, we plan to explore Mexico, with two cats, a dog and you.
Our first leg was from San Felipe to Ensenada and the adventure began. We left at 6:30 p.m., June 5, and arrived at Estero Beach at 1:30 a.m., June 6. This is a trip that we've made many times in less than three hours, but we hadn't been on MEX 3 the night before the SCORE Baja 500.  

By the time we got to Ensenada, this adventure was already becoming an ordeal. But after getting directions, we found Estero Beach RV Resort. Our full hookup site was on an estuary in front on an open bay, across from the point where La Bufadora (the blowhole) is located. On the northern end of the park are the point and some amazing mansions. A beautiful park, clubhouse, restrooms, laundry facility and swimming pool are located between the mansions and the RV park. We took time in the morning to explore the area before heading out on June 6.
We had filled up in Ensenada before leaving, so when we got to Catavina we had three-eighths of a tank; perfect, or so we thought until the only pumps in town were out (service and gas). Fortunately, we were able to purchase five gallons for 36 pesos a gallon, not bad considering. We stayed at Rancho Santa Inez for $6. Nice big ranch, where we could literally setup anywhere we wanted.  
Once setup, we took both Cai and Max out for a walk . . . Yes, even Max the cat walks on a leash—when he wants.  The night was bitter cold, but when the sun rose in the morning it was spectacular; warm and breathtaking with large trees and palms that ran the length of our site.
We arrived in Loreto late in the afternoon, June 7. We spent an hour driving around town looking for the two RV parks listed in both our RV guides, which we never found. Instead, we came across a real gem, the Del Mar RV Park. It is quiet, has free Internet, laundry, and is completely fenced in with high hedges and tall trees shading our site. And it's only 1.5 blocks from the beach, marina and Malecon.

Loreto is a gorgeous fishing town, with lush gardens of bright subtropical flowers in every color. On the Malecon the sea literally slashing up to the sidewalk.
Our first couple of days, although beautiful, was spent working. Yesterday was the first day we actually went to the beach; we went swimming in the warm waters and let Cai run nuts on the beach. The water is as clear as a swimming pool with the islands of Isla Coronado, Isla Carmen and Isla Danzantes as a backdrop. 
We needed to stock up, so we walked to the biggest grocery store about 2.5 miles away. Not an easy walk with groceries. We got a little turned around and walked another 5 miles. I know this because my lovely bride owns a pedometer, so I know I actually walked 9,963 steps.
I didn't want to do that again, so we took our bikes to the shop and now we have wheels in good running condition; better than we are. It's a good thing the majority of places we stay are at sea level, or I'd be dead meat. 
Our plan is head south next week. Our first stop is Puerto Escondido. Then we're off to Ciudad Insurentes, Cuidad Constitucion, La Paz, San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos and destinations beyond.

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