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A Child's Garden

To All:

A Child's Garden and the Abasolo Medical Center wishes to give thanks to the many whom have donated money or items, during this year. We have made a big difference to many families that have children who were born handicapped, or with cerebral palsy, blind, crippled, deaf and/or other numerous problems.

We have recently worked with a group called Step by Step and opened a physical therapy clinic in San Felipe. It was with great pride that the Doctor and Bonny and I cut the ribbon for the grand opening. If you watch the video (linked to below) you will see the need we found in the many handicapped children, whom are hidden behind bedroom doors, and are kept away from all things children need to be doing, including having fun and laughter in their lives.

Sometimes little things change a person's quality of life, especially when someone does something nice for them, without being asked, and then the person who received the gift or help, the gift or thought makes them want to do something nice for someone else.

This year we have met many young children and their families who are so in need that they go without food to pay for the medicine or needs of their special child, and many have more than 1 child. It is amazing to see the children help with their brothers and sisters, all the while giving up their own childhood to help provide for the sick member in their family.

Today we bought groceries for 10 families, and other items to show the families if they bring their children to therapy, sometimes there are rewards like beans and rice, or other things. The more children we work on daily with physical therapy, the more the children will have chances to improve their quality of life, to become able to make a better life for themselves, get a job, or marry, but most important it gives the parents and children hope. In order to get more handicapped children involved, we are trying to show the parents that they will be rewarded in 2 ways one with food and needs, and one with help that teaches their child to learn more and do more. There are signs of real improvement in these children.

This year we lost one of our children, Leon Aramis, who was 4 years old when he lost his fight in the hospital, which A Child;s Garden helped with, the hospital, funeral, and then helped the family each week for 5 weeks after their loss. Panda, who was his father is now back to work, and his 3 other boys are all well but are missing their brother.

A Child's Garden has committed to running the Flying Samaritans Clinic's that happens twice yearly. This year 2 Clinics had taken place in San Felipe. We provided at no cost over 160 pairs of eyeglasses, the doctors from the Flying Samaritans did 22 cataract surgeries, 8 plastic surgeries, 6 ears, nose, and throat operations, all at the new operating room that Dr. Abasolo and A Child's Garden built in the last year. The next step is to now work on the X-Ray room, and then Abasolo Medical Center will be able to convert to hospital status.

Please if their anyway you can help, we need any or everything from clothes, to old sheets, blankets, kitchenware, pots and pans, anything you can spare.

To our friends who have donated during the last year, I am attaching to this email a copy of your donation, if their are any mistakes on them please email us to correct our records.

We have made a donation in your name , for this years Christmas present to you from us, and hope you understand that rather than giving you something you might not like or want, we will giving the children of San Felipe a little hope and love. Also don't think that we are not thinking about you, we believe if you come to our small town, and I hope everyone does, you will stay in our 1 bedroom apt. downstairs, with 2 bathrooms including a jacuzzi tub, full TV package including all NFL games and all movie channels, you would see why we feel this way about our cause down here and the changes we have helped in making and the changes we will make in the future. These children have become like our own kids, and some have so little contact with people because they are kept out of sight, but to see them when they first start and then see them in a month or so it is amazing the improvement. Also they learn your smell or voice and light up when they hear it, that will make your heart feel things you did not know you could feel.

Please take a minute and look at some of our deeds performed by either watching the video, or going on Kat's Korner and checking some dates that are in the news for San Felipe that day or week, there are pictures of our operating room, the clinic, the therapy room, some of us giving donations, wheelchairs and medical equipment we have been given and us passing them on to the poor people who need them.
So Bonny and I wish You and Your Family all the best Holidays and New Year. May it bring you joy and happiness as we have found in our cause here. Make the world a better place, do something nice for someone you do not know, go visit at the hospital or nursing home and just try and brighten someone's day. The reward you will receive will be better than any gift you can ever be given.

Love to All
A Child's Garden
Abasolo Medical Center
Bonny McNair and Kenneth Whitmore
Denise Hensley and Noel Hensley

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