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Popular Mexican Chirstmas Gifts

Popular Mexican Chirstmas Gifts

The custom of putting up a Christmas tree has become very popular in Mexico, so we thought we'd share a few popular Mexican Christmas gifts that you may want to add to your Baja holiday gift shopping list.  

Aztec Dolls
Aztec Dolls are 100 percent handcrafted by the Mexica (Ma-she-ka) Indians of Central Mexico. The Mexica are the descendants of the the great Aztec Empire, but in today's world they struggle for existence. The craftsmanship of these dolls are so intricate that their arms and legs actually move.

Oaxacan Wood Carving
Oaxacan folk art wood carvings or "alebrijes" have been produced by the same families in the small town of San Martin Tilcajete for decades. Each piece is carefully carved with amazing detail from copal, a soft wood found in Mexico. Then it is hand painted in bright colors and patterns.

Beaded Mask
Created by the Huichol Indians, a small tribe of approximately 10,000 Indians living in central western Mexico, this beaded mask is made by overlaying the carved mask with a beeswax and resin mixture. Then tiny glass beads are placed by hand on the sticky base, one at a time, until the pattern is complete. The Huichol create these sacred objects of beauty as a way of honoring the life-giving forces of the universe.

Mexican Bubble Glass
Mexican blown glass was called Mexican bubble glass because of all the bubbles produced when blowing the molten glass. The blown glass technique consists of blowing through a pipe onto a red-hot glass mass, heated in a special oven. Pitchers and glasses can be clear or with rims and bases in cobalt, turquoise and amber. Mexican bubble glass will add a bit of the Mexican culture to your home.

Dia de los Muertos, Mexican Day of the Dead Folk Figures and Sculptures
The skeleton figures and sculptures are made from a variety of materials including hand-painted sheet metal, paper mache and clay. The skeleton figures are created and painted by hand by the folk artists of Mexico. Many of the painted clay skeletons (esqueletos) are fashioned to depict the activities the deceased enjoyed while alive.

Virgen De Guadalupe T-Shirt
The Virgen of Guadalupe is universally revered in Mexico, which doesn't mean her image is somehow sanctified. It is everywhere, though it is never used in a commercial manner to sell anything. A tasteful T-shirt or blouse with an image of the Virgen de Guadalupe will help your traveler feel right at home in Mexico.

Sterling Silver Jewelry from Taxco
Artisans from Taxco, a beautiful town located in the mountains of the west coast of Mexico, are world famous for their handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. They transform pure silver into lovely jewelry with either classic or trendy designs. The complete collection at Silverzeal is 925 sterling silver.

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