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ZAPP Aniaml Center - OPENS! (San Felipe)

Well, we're opening for intake next Wednesday, as promised. And, am I ever happy that dogs are more forgiving than people, because they won't care about anything but a good meal everyday, and lots of lovin. Truth be told, if I were to wait to open until we are actually finished with this project, it would be sometime next year. Seven and a acres is a lot of land, and there are so many aspects of this project that will just have to happen over time.

But, the most important thing is, and I hope you'll agree, is to be able to start rescuing animals from the streets and make them safe. A warm place where mama dogs and cats can deliver their puppies and kittens. We'll certainly be ready to do that
beginning Wednesday.

Our staff is in place, the exterior perimeter fencing is done, and we will have a huge septic system which is critical to a project this size, which will involve so many animals. We'll have three large 20' X 30' chain link kennels that will serve as holding pens until the interior fencing is done, and our revolutionary straw bale dog condos are constructed. Next on the list of priorities is making ready some secure boarding kennels, so travelers will be able to leave their pets. But, forewarned is forearmed, and even though we've been working hard for months, we are certainly still under contruction.

Check out the ad below for the upcoming Drag Show on January 25th, starring TOOTIE & the Gang from San Diego. All funds raised at this event will help construct a "caterie" for our feline friends, and that's only a month away. Watch for the BIG sign on the Highway going south just before the Arches, which will direct you to the new location. It will be installed Tuesday! See ya there.

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  1. Sounds like all is going well!
    See you in Spring with the camo shades.
    Barbara peacock