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SAN FELIPE - Feb 6: Grand Opening Baja Battery Power Solutions

San Felipe - Saturday Feb 6, 2010
Grand Opening Baja Battery Power Solutions.
Cme and see the new 500 sq. ft. store and work shop.
Everyone is invited!
The regional rep from Kyocera will be there to answer any question you have about solar. We now have, in stock, batteries for Solar, ATVs, Quads, Jet Skies and starting batteries for motor homes. All of our new battery sales come treated with ReNew Battery Life Extender. More info contact
Susan Scherf 619-733-7065

Feb 6th: Swap Meet at Singlar Puerto Escondido (Loreto)


The Swap Meet will start Saturday morning at 10:00 AM at the Singlar Malecon (between the Palm Trees) in Puerto Escondido. We encourage people in town and the outlying areas as well as the cruisers to join the fun.

We already have many items such as:
  • and MORE!!!
If you would like to register as a vendor please contact Neil "Neka" on Channel 16 VHF Radio or Email to or

Feb 7: Super Bowl Parties (Loreto)

Quatro Altos has just recently re-opened........same great hamburgers! and more! For Super Bowl all drink prices will be half price from 4:00 to 7:00 (Happy Hour Prices). Free snacks.
Submitted by: Luis Hernandez

Free Chips & Salsa
Cerveza Pacifico or Corona $16.00 pesos
Margarita $25.00 pesos
National Liquors (rum, brandy, vodka, gin, tequila Jose Cuervo Special) $25.00 pesos
Guacamole chico $25.00 pesos
Submitted by: Alberto

Strokers Reef will open at 2:00 p.m. Come early and get a good seat and enter our Super Bowl Pools. During the 1/2 time show we will serve up.... Free of charge..... Homemade Pastrami sandwiches with Cole slaw and chips. . Happy hour all night. Hope to see you all there.
Submitted by: Jaime and Kathy

Quesadillas, Guacamole, Nachos, Totopos, Salsa, Hamburgers and hot dogs; all the beer you can drink
Cost: $25 USD per person (adults)
kick-off 16:30
Free Parking available; 8 Big Screen TV; Football Pool; Prizes
Reservations: 134-0350 ex. 603
Submitted by: Maria Jose Sanchez

Starts at 2:00 p.m. Augie's will have $10 peso beer (Pacifico or Corona). Prime Rib Sandwiches, Pasta Salad and more..... all for free. Football Pools and more. Side dishes are always welcomed.
Submitted by: Augie

Jan. 30: Reception For Guest Artist Donna Mattson (Todos Santos)

Reception For Guest Artist
Saturday, January 30th, 2:00 -5:00 P.M.

Meet Donna Mattson from Portland, Oregon. Guest artist for the Festival of Arts week. Donna Mattson is a Northwest artist whose work reflects the color and energy of urban life; the quaint feel of a small town or the exotic flavors of foreign travel. Her paintings invite the viewer into the scene with a glimpse of life through a cafe door, a market passage or a view down a street.

Colorful encaustic paintings. Refreshments. At the Galeria Logan, next to Hotel California. - Jill Logan,, 612-14-50151

ROAD CONDITION: Bridge collapses at San Vincente

The is a video of the bridge at San Vincente, a community of about 3500 located on Highway 1, about 54 miles south of Ensenada. The video was taken Friday, January 22.

ROAD CONDITION: El Rosario bridge picture

Here are the pictures... small vehicles can now cross on their own...

San Vicente and Col. Guerrero are reporting the same situation... with the advantage that both are now about to finish making a temporary workable bridge, capable of supporting all kind of vehicles.

submitted by Paco Clark

Road Conditions - Jan 20-26, 2010

Jan 26, 2010 
The San Vicente Bridge is still out. No passenger cars yet. PU,s and trucks can cross the river below the Bridge. There are tractors to hire if needed. I was turned back just outside Ensenada by the Police. I drive a passenger car. There has been no rain here in Ensenada.
Submitted by:  Ron Wagner

Jan 25, 2010 - Traffic flowing...

Traffic has began to flow through the highway again... in El Rosario bridge, a path has been made on the river bed and a tractor was being used to help pull vehicles when needed.  People coming from the north that have stopped at BajaCactus Gas Station, told us that some bypasses have been made on the river beds of the other bridges that collapsed, and that now is possible to drive all the way to Ensenada.  Even though we cannot personally confirm this or the condition of these temporary paths on the river beds... it seems that, for the moment, road communications have been restored and there is a way through now (Jan 24th, 2010).  Let us hope this does not change with the upcoming rains announced for next week.
I forgot to mention that, according to some people coming through at the BajaCactus Gas Station, there was little or no fuel at the Gas Stations in the San Quintín area... we have received several people from San Quintín trying to buy fuel by the barrels.

At the BajaCactus Gas Station we still have plenty of fuel, however, since Pemex has not told us when they will be able to send us more, at the moment we are only selling whatever is needed to fill the tank of the vehicles.
Submitted by: Antonio Munoz

Jan. 25, 2010 - Baja Road Conditions - The recent spate of storms to hit California and Baja Norte have left quite a bit of damage to roads and bridges in Baja Norte. Reports are that there are several places of Highway 1 impassable at the moment, due to the heavy rains:

  • The bridge at Las Animas has collapsed.
  • The bridge at San Vicente was also affected.
  • Apparently, the bridge at Colonet has also been damaged.
  • The bridge in Col. Guerrero is damaged.
  • The bridge in El Rosario has partially collapsed... many stranded people south of it... food supplies are being delivered with ropes over it.

Submitted by: Alan Thompson

Jan. 24, 2010 - Road Report from Loreto BCS to San Felipe BC
Just did the detour route off 1 to
San Felipe today (Saturday). Started off in Loreto heading north this morning and just made it to San Felipe tonight.
Approaching Guerrero Negro there were some vados with running water over them. Nothing major. Then close to Vizcaino a long, deep wash. Looks like the whole town turned out to watch the brave (or stupid) made the crossing. We made it ok, but that was just the beginning. Had to cross 2 more raging washes. Finally I had to take care of some "business" and I happened to be at the turn off for San Felipe. Just then a pick-up was coming south from Cataviña. He was headed back to Guerrero Negro, but I told him the washes were running hard and getting deeper. He said he watched the last one we crossed for 3 hours the day before and decided to head back to Cataviña for the night. As we were talking a police truck was heading towards us from San Felipe direction. We asked how the road was and they said it should be good except for a real ugly part just down the road from us. So we chanced it.

Just 5 mins down the road a good 30' of road was gone, washed out. Some guys were trying to make it work throwing tires and filling them in to make the transition from road to washed out section and back up easier to do. I was the last of about 5 trucks to make it through. It was pretty hairy.

The good news is that it was pretty straight forward from there, except for a wash or two (or three) filled with rutted and loose sand. 4X4 wasn't a requirement because I followed a Ford F-150 4X2 that made it and he followed a Toyota Tacoma lowboy 4X2!! I had to congratulate that guy after he made that big jump. Not so sure he's in alignment now, though. But at least he's moving in the direction he needed to go. I have a Toyota Tundra 4X4.

3-4 days in Cataviña with the possibility of another storm moving in within a few days was not something I wanted to do. Thankfully it worked out. An added bonus was that the new pavement south of Puertecitos started WAY earlier that I expected! It was a beautiful sight to see! Fresh new blacktop around 8-12 miles south of Puertecitos. Can't wait til they make it all the way to 1!

However, since it was my first trip on 5 I didn't understand how serious they were when they said "ZONA DE VADOS". I bottomed out pretty good on the first one going about 60. Then the second one surprised me, too. By the third one I was almost sliding sideways into it trying to slow down. Lesson learned.

Our hearts go out to all those stuck or otherwise inconvenienced. Be careful out there. Submitted by: Steve Kawaratani

Around San Quintin area: Jan. 22, 2010

The bridge one mile south of where you turn to go to Jack's house is gone completely, the bridge 1/2 mile north of San Facieta is gone. The bridge at Los Pinos is damaged on approach down to one lane, several bridges south of Ensenada are damaged. There is no gasoline, no LP gas, and food in stores is out or short supply. It must have rained 10 inches or more & we had 80 to 100 mph winds . It took that 10 ft dish and broke it off at the ground, it broke the girls basketball goal in half, it broke the clothes line 4 inch post in half, it took a lot of my roof off, it leaks everywhere, the picture windows where shaking so bad I thought they where going to blow out.
Submitted by: Tennessee Tommy via Bob Meeks/O'Neils
1-22-2010 at 06:56 PM

In Guerrero Negro. Federal Police have informed us that Laguna Chapala is a lake over the road, not passable. Both vados in Catavina are flowing and not passable. Three bridges are closed south of Ensenada before San Quintin. If we try to move north tomorrow, we will keep you posted on how it goes. If you don't hear from us then you know we are somewhere in between Guerrero Negro and Ensenada!! If anyone makes it through these spots today, please advise. Thanks, Marla. posted on
Submitted by: Various via Nancy Nordstrum

Jan 30: XIII Todos Santos Arts Festival (Todos Santos)

Enjoy A Week Of Cultural Event
XIII Todos Santos Arts Festival from January 30th to February the 6th will be presenting a whole week of cultural events and entertainment. Folkloric dances and music direct from Colombia, classic guitar recital, art exhibits, polinesian and african dances shows and much more. Plan your week checking the events schedule in our web page (in both languages). - Heriberto Parra Hake,,, 612 117 3945, Todos Santos

Supplies For Animalandia (Loreto)

Supplies For Animalandia

Animalandia is in need of supplies for the next clinic the middle of February. If anyone knows of someone driving south within the next couple of weeks could you please let Linda Welch or Misty Mattics know? The items needed would be in a medium size box that could be mailed to the drivers location. Please e mail Linda at or Misty at
Thank you - Linda Welch

Jan 27: Agua Vale Mas Que Oro Festival (Todos Santos)

Agua Vale Mas Que Oro Festival
Wed Jan 27, 2010 in Todos Santos
12:00 P.M.-12:00 A.M. Totally Free!

Everyone is invited to come and join us!
“Agua Vale Más Que Oro” (Water is More Important than Gold)
Gathering at the baseball stadium (behind Pemex gas station in town) to walk with a cavalcade of horses, town schools, civil and public sectors to the town plaza. Here children will perform theater, dances, present posters made by them, a “tombola” (raffle) with many prices will take place. The event will then move for final presentations to the auditorium where also multiple performances by music bands from Sinaloa to rock, including Raul Conde de los Huizapoles will happen. Come, enjoy and make a stand for our ecology and the Sierra de la Laguna. This event is sponsored by “Grupo Agua Vale Mas que Oro”. - Gloria Ruenitz,, 612-118-3683

"Disco Decadence" presented by ZAPP Animal Center

Presented by ZAPP ANIMAL CENTER of San Felipe This Show will be Anything But a Drag! "Miss Tootie and the Divas of Disco" from San Diego's LIPS Night Club & Restaurant in an Outrageous Fundraising Performance!
El Dorado Ranch Pavillion at La Ventana del Mar in San Felipe
Monday, 3PM, January 25th, 2010
Tickets $20 Show Only and $25 with Lunch
More info contact Steven Forman

Los Barriles - Art & Jewelry at Hotel Los Pescadores

Patricia Laguna is going to have a display of her beautiful wares she has brought from Oaxaca this coming Saturday (January 23) from noon until 4pm at Hotel Los Pescadores.

Stop by and take a look at these high quality and different handmade items from the people of Oaxaca.

Driving North - cross the first arroyo - pass the Iguana Market. Make a left on Calle de Johnathan (across the street from the North Beach RV Park sign). Take the second left (Calle de Lydia).

We look forward to seeing all of you.


624 121 8786 (cell)

Events This Week by Mexico Living

Check out what is happening in Baja California.
Mexico Living's Calendar and Entertainment for this week. To submit your News, Events and Announcements articles for next week's MLG eWeekly:



San Felipe made me very proud at the benefit for Irene Smith. The town really stepped up to the plate to help one of our most colorful characters. This event was put together in a very short & crazy week but all it took was a couple of phone calls and the ball was rolling. I want to thank Rick Rudd, Sam & Diane Grubb and Rebecca & Jim Mann for jumping on the band wagon immediately with phone calls & e-mails flying. Then Denny & Sandy Flannigan called & said let’s do a benefit and that was off & running too. All it took was a few phone calls and the locals were in. VATOS LOCOS with the help of Denny Flannigan, The 2AM Band & The Baja Boys did not hesitate when asked to become involved, “What, a local woman in need?” count us in was all I heard. One quick meeting with the manager of La Vaquita, Sergio Leon (my new hero) & we had the perfect venue and a percentage of the sales, no questions asked.

I can not possibly thank everyone by name but please know that you all have Lisa’s, Irene’s and my undying gratitude. I would like to thank Rebecca Mann & Lisa Shackelford (Irene’s daughter) for working the door for the entire event. You girls were awesome. My heartfelt thanks to Sam & Diane Grubb, 2 people you definitely want on your side no matter what. Thanks also goes to Denny & Sandy Flannigan for taking care of the printing & distribution of the flyers & posters. Sergio Leon at La Vaquita for stopping whatever he was doing on the day of the event to get me whatever I needed and thanks to Mexico Living and Kat’s Korner for helping spread the word.

I expected the people who know & love Irene to be ready & willing to help but what really touched my heart were the out-of-towners & people who did not know her that just heard about a woman in trouble and wanted to help by making a donation. For instance, the day of the event I met a group of people from Argentina who came to La Vaquita for lunch. They had no idea what was happening. When they questioned me & I gave them a short explanation they said they were really amazed at the sense of community they saw & immediately went to the table and made a donation.

In closing, I want to thank the weather Gods for providing us with the perfect sunshiny day and the town of San Felipe for making me proud I call this home.

Heather Penrod

2010 Blues & Arts Fiesta to Feature Gregg Wright

Sometimes you have to wonder how a great fund raising event can bring out the best in people. In this case the “Ambassador for the Blues” Mr. Gregg Wright will be gracing our stage at the Blues and Arts Fiesta this March in San Felipe Baja!

Just coming back from a European Tour, Gregg Wright has found time in his touring schedule to perform at this worthwhile fundraising event to be held Saturday March 27th in our San Felipe stadium.

In the 1970’s Gregg did a Southern States tour playing one night stands and sharpening his guitar skills with some skilled musicians. Later, and during some of those years, he became well known as an “A-List” session guitarist. He recorded and performed with Mick Fleetwood, Michael Jackson, (his Thriller Tour), the Gap Band, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Ike Turner, Santana, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Even B.B. King wanted his talent for playing blues guitar.

Gregg Wright has an international fan base and the British Music Press dubbed him “The King of Rockin’ Blues Guitar”. The man fuses rock and blues together and not just with typical licks but with blues from the gut; the type that keeps the crowd movin’ and beggin’ for more. He won’t duplicate other famous musician musical styles. He is quoted as saying “I’m gonna sing my post-atomic digital reality!”

Fame has not impressed him over the years. He has ridden that train with some of the best and recognized that fame doesn’t make his music better. Gregg started his own record company label called Left Hook Records because he wanted to control his own product and his own destiny.

Gregg Wright is a featured soloist on the IMAX film soundtrack “Ocean Oasis” where he performed with the Prague Philharmonic. You will not be disappointed listening to a man who has made his life his music! What a thrill it will be to hear him play by our glorious ocean and ideal venue! Get your tickets as soon as possible. You can go to the Blues and Arts Web-site for more information.

New Internet Cafe Located in Pescadero (south of Todos Santos)

Cafe' Las Palmitas - New Internet Cafe Located in Pescadero, south of Todos Santos (one hour north of Cabo San Lucas) and 1.5 blocks north (left) from the Pescadero Surf Camp and 1 block east (uphill) from the Skate Park. Open for breakfast and lunch, 8am to 3pm, Monday thru Saturday. Relax and enjoy the beautiful patio garden, home cooking, good coffee, and free internet. Fridays and Saturdays: Pozolli and Tamales. Order homecooked food to go as well, we will cook for your special occasion. - Monsy Houhoulis,, 612-130-3233 Pescadero.

San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta 2010 Featured Band

The bands of the 2010 Blues and Arts Fiesta coming up Saturday March 27th in San Felipe, Baja California are going to be a great mix of musicians from all over the United States! There should be a blues style of music for everyone who appreciates this particular edge of love, pain, and pure joy, delineated in the chords and methods of some of the masters of this music.This is good time to visit San Felipe. We are having “no bad days” with beautiful weather, especially since so many states have been hit with rigid, arctic temperatures and snow to shovel. If you are remotely curious about how we live and play in the Baja this is the time to visit. You can get information on how to get here, how many hours it will take, and where you can stay by logging on to any San Felipe, Baja Web Site.

Now for some info on these great bands......First are Alice Stuart and her band the Formerlys. Mark Willett plays bass, Steven Flynn plays keyboards, Rick Boice plays the drums. Pat Tennis and Lance Johnson also round out the band’s sound.

Alice was a pioneer musician and a woman with a mission. She started building her love of music by taking up piano and she learned to play the drums in junior high school. At 14 she was writing her own songs and later she began to be noticed by top musical promoters. As a result she played with such greats as Joan Baez in 1964 at the Berkley Folk Festival. Guitar became her favorite instrument and her astute lead playing impressed many great performers. She met Frank Zappa in 1965 and played in his band for several months. Eventually her musical career halted for several years while she raised a family. Then in 1994 she began writing and performing again. The list is long, but she backed up some amazing artists such as, Jerry Garcia, Commander Cody, John Prine, Asleep at the Wheel, Tower of Power, and Dave Mason to name a few.

Early in her musical career she remained the only woman in the music business to write and play her own material. Her CD “Can’t Find No Heaven” was nominated for a Grammy in 2005!
The greatest musical achievement in her career was her induction into The Blues Hall of Fame.
More information about her is available on her website, a great place to review her life history. Love the Converse shoes on your home page, Alice!

Jan 16: Featured Artist at Baja Nueva Design Studio (San Felipe)

Saturday - Jan 16th at Baja Nueva Design Studio in the Plazita from 11 AM-4PM.

IRONMAN STEVE in the featured artist for January 2010 Artist.
You will have an oppertunity to enter a drawing & enjoy complimentary Chocolate Martinis, Sipping chocolate and wine served by Jerry and Sherry Lankin. For more info call 686-211-4676

San Felipe Benefit for Irene Smith

A benefit for the Irene Smith legal defense fund.
WHEN: WED., JANUARY 13TH 2010 starting @ 1PM

2 AM

W/ MC & Special guest appearance by San Felipe's Best Entertainment of 2009 Winner DENNY FLANNIGAN

Pottery Classes in Los Barriles


Here is an opportunity to design the decorations on your own tiles.
Venue: Los Barriles.

A one day workshop is offered, Monday, January 18^th , 9 am-2pm. Fees US $50.00 which includes 4 ceramic tiles (extra can be purchased, if you want more), glaze stains, glazes and firing. To register, contact Annette cell 624-154-3592 or email


Students are invited to experiment with the use of clay using this ancient method of processing, to finish their clay pieces. You will be using the local clay body to make your pieces. For those wanting to use the wheel, this is your opportunity, as one will be available. You will be using a variety of techniques to form your pottery. It will be fired in a Raku kiln then placed hot, into containers of organic material, to produce the necessary reduction atmosphere. This is when we generate the beautiful metallic finishes ranging from reds to greens and yellows on the final product. I have numerous glazes available.

Venue: Los Barriles.
Date: January 25^th , 9-2. Firing dates to be determined.
Fees: US $50.00 which includes clay, the use of glazes, and firing.
To register, contact Annette cell 624-154-3592 or email

Puppies Ready for Adoption! (San Felipe)

We Have Lots of Adorable Healthy, Fixed, Wormed & Vaccinated Puppies - Ready for Adoption!
Pick One, Two, Three or Four. We'll Happily Deliver Them to Your Door! For more info call 707-320-4969

or email us & visit

Jan 10th - Spay & Neutering Clinic (Rosarito Beach)

STRAY CATS & DOGS -- FREE SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC Second Chance Animal Alliance Tradepost (SCAAT) The clinic will be open the 2nd Sunday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for spay & neutering feral & stray animals. It is located at km 31.5 on the east side of Popotla Blvd. two blocks south of the lights, across from the OXXO store.  

The Bazaar store hours are open 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday. Donations are gratefully accepted. For further info contact Karen Patonai at (661) 613-0737; e-mail: karenpatonai@yahoo

New Years Party at Pavilion in San Felipe

We have such a good time having your folks as neighbors. They are so much fun and just great people. Our New Years Eve Party at the Pavilions was really amazing. It was a New York New Years from 6-10..sold out at 170 plus another 10 comps and we were so fortunate to have everything so completely in place.

 I had a friend of mine, Neil Whitney, join me onstage as a guest DJ. Neil  
 was the DJ years before we got here and is currently selling at El Dorado,
so the folks who remembered him got to re-experience their old memories and the energy in the room was insane. It was smooth as
silk and we were done in time to stop by the Jolly Mon which had a much different crowd than we did but it was very happening with lots of folks and I think everyone had a very successful and prosperous NYE.I think as of last night, we broke the record for the longest conga line in SF at a full 180... Could be wrong but the room was packed and no one was seated.

Theses photos only show about a fifth of the room but you get the idea. It's always a treat to have a night that filled with such over the top fun!

Feb 4th: Arts Juried Photo Show (Todos Santos)

First Call For All TS And Area Photographers.
Arts Juried Photo Show - ARTS (Artists of Todos Santos) is excited to announce our 1st annual juried photography show at Cafelix starting Feb 4th. In order to make this more of a community event, we have decided to make this show open to everyone who lives here, or in BCS in general. All work will be juried by 2 experienced US judges who are coming to Todos Santos for this event. There are two categories – one being photos taken in, and representative of Baja California Sur, and the other being open to any photo. Prizes will be awarded for the best in show for both categories, together with awards for the winner and two runners up. All accepted work will be displayed in Visions gallery; however, only work submitted by people legal to sell their work in Mexico will be offered for sale.

We are looking forward to a big response from the community. To help us plan for the event, first download the rules and entry form from our website (look under ARTS Events in the menu for the photo show article and link), and then e-mail us ASAP to indicate your intent to participate with the expected number of photos and their sizes. - Vic Kirby,,, 145-0586 (landline), Todos Santos

Meet the Staff of ZAPP Animal Center.


STAFF SHOT222Here we all are! This is the staff of ZAPP Animal Center, and I'm so happy with every last one of them. They all have canine and feline and equine DNA running through their veins. Front left is Carolanne Burns, Clinic Manager. Behind her is Mark Dille, Site Manager. Next to Carolanne is Francis, our Head Sanitation Engineer from Miami. Then comes Sochee Blake, Veterinary Assistant. And lastly on the right is Martine Bermejo, our Animal Wrangler, Animal Trainer and Kennel Manager. You can call any of us if you are in an emergency situation, and the clinic phone goes unanswered. 
ZAPP Animal Center 686-111-1143

2009 BEST OF

M. Dean Jones Architecture and Planning, San Jose del Cabo
Dean Jones has an award-winning architectural firm. He designs custom homes, thoughtful renovations and planned communities. The firm works with their clients to give them environments that express their needs, while creating interest through the sculptural use of form and materials. For over 30 years the firm's efforts have been to create designs that are earth friendly, incorporating passive heating and cooling whenever possible. The firm's designs use recycled materials and incorporate the principles of harmony, balance and the positive flow of energy. By integrating the interior spaces with the exterior site amenities, the firm's designs enrich their client's lives.

Architect Winners
Roberto Moreno, Rosarito Beach
Rosaline Ramos Lazcano, San Felipe
Sylvia St. Clair, MAR Architect, Todos Santos
Arq. Arturo Canseco, San Carlos

Art Gallery
Baja Nueva, San Felipe
Baja Nueva is San Felipe’s premiere furniture, home decorating and gift store that is a "must visit" when in San Felipe. Located on Mar de Cortez in the Plazita, it is chock full of exciting and colorful items for the home. Original artwork, glass vases and plates, heirloom boxes, wall clocks, candles and holders, decorator shadow boxes and authentic local Indian pottery is just a small amount of the eye candy that keeps you looking from place to place in this wonderfully colorful and well laid out store. 

Art Gallery Winners
CEARTE, Ensenada
Artesanias La Antigua California, La Paz
Jill Logan Galería, Todos Santos
Pez Gordo Gallery, San Jose del Cabo
Galeria La Grande, Cabo San Lucas

Diego's Deli & Pie Shop, Rosarito Beach
Panaderia Especial, San Felipe
Pan D'Les, La Paz

Augie's Bar & Bait, Loreto
This ain't your average bait shop, because here the bait is either smiling and handing you a cold one from behind the bar or it's served with a side of wisabi. Located on the Malecón in Loreto, this is the preeminent hotspot for the gringo community. Whether you're an Augie's virgin or veteran, it's a warm and welcoming place; a Mexican version of Cheers. Augie's is a daily celebration of old friends and new friends, and a genuine happy hangout with great food and good times. They're open to serve excellent food and drinks from 9 a.m.–10 p.m. daily, and it is the perfect place to make great friends, and eat and drink well.  

Bar Winners
Bobby's by the Sea, Rosarito Beach Beach
The Whale's Tail, Ensenada  
Fandangos, San Felipe
Thirsty Parrot, Puerto Peñasco

Nicholas, Bahia Cantilles, Rosarito Beach
Cuco (Pete's Camp), San Felipe
Louie (Al Capones), Puerto Peñasco  

Mamas Royal Cafe, Cabo San Lucas
Mama's Royal Cafe is said to have the "best breakfast in the whole country" and one of the oldest Gringo restaurants in Cabo San Lucas. If you're looking for a big breakfast like your mom would make at home, this is the place. Mama’s Royal Cafe has it all, from fruit plates to more omelets than you can imagine and all the traditional Mexican dishes, along with a full bar to kick your morning. If you're a fan of breakfast, there is no better place, possibly in the whole country!  

Breakfast Winners
La Bamba, Rosarito Beach
Juanito's in Ejido, San Felipe
Restaurant Sagitario, Loreto
Gorilla's Grill, La Paz
La Maria Bistro, Puerto Peñasco

Cheap Eats
Mongolin Grill, Rosarito Beach
Jaunito's in Ejido, San Felipe
El Super Burro, Loreto
Rancho Viejo, La Paz

Cha Cha's, Rosarito Beach
Baja Java, San Felipe
Cafe de Lolita, Loreto
Guiseppi's, Puerto Peñasco
Barracuda Bob's, San Carlos

Contruction Manager
BJ Sweitzer Construction, San Felipe
Loreto Inspections, Loreto
NewTek Construction Services, La Paz
Cabo Tech Constructores, Cabo San Lucas


Dr. Melina California, San Felipe

Dr. Melina California Fierros Zatarain, or Melina, as her friends and patients refer to her, is a dentist and the owner of California Dental Spa on Mar Caribe Sur, across from the ABC terminal in San Felipe. California Dental Spa’s services include everything your mouth could need. When you enter the California Dental Spa, the atmosphere and warm greeting immediately make you feel at ease. The word has spread so rapidly that in just one year California Dental Spa has fast become the most popular dental clinic in the region.

Dentist Winners
Dr. Ochoa Medina, Rosarito Beach
Angels Touch Dental Clinic, San Jose del Cabo
Cabo Cosmetic Dental, Cabo San Lucas
Dr. Lbarra, Puerto Peñasco

Club Marena, Rosarito Beach
Baja real estate has now reached a new level in style and exclusivity. A prestigeous yet affordable lifestyle awaits you in Club Marena. This is a superb beachfront condominium with spectacular, panoramic ocean views and lush grounds in the most exclusive Baja real estate development in the region. Built to exacting American standards, with exceptional workmanship, these oceanfront homes offer modern day conveniences in a romantic setting, which is why our readers voted it as Baja's Best Development.
Development Winners
Playa de Oro, San Felipe
Bobby's by the Sea, Ensenada
Bella Sirena, Puerto Peñasco
Denny Flannigan, San Felipe
Denny "Moondogg" Flannigan has appeared onstage and in concert with over 250 major acts including the Doobie Brothers, the Beach Boys, Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, The BeeGee's, Tommy James and the Shondells, B.B. King, and many more. He has performed in every state in the continental U.S. The first song written by Denny in 1964, "You'll Come Back," became an instantaneous number one hit for five weeks running on Colorado's giant, KIMN Radio. Denny was a writer, comedian and musician on many television shows including The Midnight Special, ABC's In ConcertThe John Byner Comedy HourDavid Frost's Madhouse 90The Merv Griffin Show and a host of others. Denny currently resides in San Felipe and enjoys performing and living "La Vida Loca" en Mexico.
Deja-Vu, Cabo San Lucas
Mark Mulligan, San Carlos

Minerva's Baja Tackle, Cabo San Lucas
Minerva's Baja Tackle is a Cabo fishing legend. Minerva's started back in the days when Cabo was just a sleepy fishing village with dirt roads and a couple of hotels. Now, fishing is what Cabo San Lucas is famous for and they're proud to say that they have played a big part in not only starting the sport fishing industry in Cabo San Lucas, but also in preserving the resource by promoting conservation and responsible fisheries management. Minerva's Baja Tackle has over 32 years of experience fishing Los Cabos and are ready to provide you with the ultimate fishing vacation.
Fishing Winners
Azteca Sportfishing, San Felipe
Sergios Sportfishing, Ensenada
The Baja Big Fish Company, Loreto
Pancho Villa, Puerto Peñasco

Douglas Day Hair, Rosarito Beach
Lilyanna's Estetica, San Felipe
Berenice Pozo, La Paz

Happy Hour
Jolly Mon Bar, San Felipe
Jolly Mon Bar, located in Plaza Paraiso (KM 178.5) has something for everyone EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK! It's San Felipe's hot new sports bar north of town. Every Friday they serve free champagne to the ladies and sushi for all! A new neighborhood bar San Felipe locals call home. The San Rail Pizza has moved in with their complete pizza menu—whole or by the slice—plus hot dogs, and on weekends tacos. This is a fun place to be.

Happy Hour Winners
Augie's Bar & Bait, Loreto
Baja Cantina, Cabo San Lucas
Al Capones Pizza, Puerto Peñasco

Home Builder
San Felipe Home Builders, San Felipe
Zoe Custom Home Builders, Cabo San Lucas
Baraka en Todos, Todos Santos

Home Furnishings
The Cabo Furniture Company, San Jose del Cabo
The Cabo Furniture Company provides top-notch customer service throughout the execution of all phases of the design process. Each of their dedicated and passionate staff strive to create unique interiors based on client's individual needs at the best prices. Their suppliers have proven track records delivering quality products for over 12 years. Listening to their clients, this results in a home environment that is beautiful and functional by incorporating their lifestyle into their residence. Their integrity is based on their desire to deliver what they promise.

Home Furnishings Winners

Baja Nueva, San Felipe
Mueblería San Diego, La Paz
Casa Bonita, San Carlos

Versoleil, San Felipe
La Paz Landscaping, La Paz
Vivero Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo

Liquor Store
Marcado del Mar, Rosarito Beach
Rivera Liquor, San Felipe
Cactus Liquor, Loreto
Cabo Duty Free, Cabo San Lucas


Poco Cielo, Rosarito Beach

Poco Cielo, loosely translated, means "little heaven." This small, private hotel has nine intimate guest rooms, an on-site restaurant and cantina, and the most friendly staff on the coast. Located halfway between Rosarito and Ensenada in the La Misión area, on the coastline of beautiful Baja California, Mexico, guests will find themselves relaxed and at home within minutes. Adding to your entertainment are their themed rooms dressed in high quality bed and bath linens, one-of-a-kind furnishings intertwined in a setting of inviting styles, rich textures and vibrant colors to make your visit distinctly memorable. Their restaurant prepares and serves authentic Mexican and American Cuisines and the bounty of our local fishers. Enjoy the ambiance of their beachfront terraces while the ocean provides a naturally tranquil backdrop to your meal.

Lodging Winners
El Rey Sol Posada, Ensenada
El Cortez Hotel, San Felipe
Hotel Luna, Loreto
Hacienda Del Sol, La Paz
El Delfin Blanco, San Jose del Cabo
Los Milagros Hotel, Cabo San Lucas

Mail Service
Click-On, Rosarito Beach
Sunrunner, San Felipe
Mail Boxes Etc., Cabo San Lucas
Mail Boxes Etc., San Jose del Cabo

Market/Grocery WinnersHipon, San Felipe
Dali's Deli, Loreto 
CCC, La Paz
Costso, Cabo San Lucas

New Business

Sex City, Puerto Peñasco
Lilian Vega proves that romance blossoms in tough economic times.
It bears mentioning that there are some businesses that are doing so well that it’s time to open a second location. What business is that? Why, romance, of course! It makes sense that when fewer folks are able to go out on the town to wine and dine, there are some who will find ways to make staying home more fun than not. About a year ago, the lovely Lily Vega opened the first Sex City store in the strip mall (pun intended) across from SuperLey. Just this week, Lily cut the ribbon on her second location, located on the corner of Luis Encinas and Calle 13.

New Business Winners
Mongolian Grill, Rosarito Beach
Red - Food, Wine and Martini Bar, San Jose del Cabo
Jacks Bar & Grill, Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Wabo, Cabo San Lucas
One of the wildest and craziest, most renowned places to party (and eat) in Cabo San Lucas is Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo. The menu includes Sammy's Drunken Shrimp, peppercorn crusted beef and many kinds of fresh seafood of the day. Nightly entertainment is provided by live bands and DJs (Sammy plays when he is in town). Look for the lighthouse jutting from atop the building, but don't be surprised if it is too packed to get in. 

Nightclub Winners
Rosa & Rita, Rosarito Beach
Jolly Mon Bar, San Felipe
La Iguana, Todos Santos
Elixir, Puerto Peñasco

PizzaFatboy's Pizza, San Felipe
1697, LoretoToscana, La Paz
IL Giardino Pizzeria Trattoria, Todos Santos
Mamma Mia Pizza & Pasta, Cabo San Lucas

Al Capones Pizzeria, Puerto Peñasco

Real Estate Agent
Larry French, Rosarito Beach
Bill Maine, San Felipe
Eduardo Ramirez, La Paz
Bill Barvitski, Puerto Peñasco

Real Estate Broker
Baja Real Estate Group, Rosarito Beach
Amor Property, San Felipe
Alexander Real Estate & Investments, Loreto
Omni Real Estate Services, La Paz
Leagan Realty, Puerto Peñasco

The Mongolian Grill, Rosarito Beach
The Mongolian Grill has fast become Rosarito's favorite restaurant, having only been open a year it has already earned itself the "The Best Restaurant in Rosarito" title by our readers. If you enjoy good food, that's healthy and affordable, you'll love this place. They have several lunch items under $5 including Teriyaki Bowls, Korean Tacos, California Sushi rolls, large Asian Chicken Salads and, of course, the Mongolian BBQ (under $7). You will become addicted to a healthy way of eating. They are only two miles south of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, which is about 5–10 minutes from Diego's. 

Restaurant Winners
Whales Tail Pub & Grill, Ensenada
Baja Jimmy's, San Felipe
Afrodita Grill, Mulegé
Loreto Islas, Loreto
Tailhunter Fubar Cantina, La Paz
Tequila's Sunrise Bar & Grill, Todos Santos
Manuel's Creative Cuisine, San Jose del Cabo
Felix's, Cabo San Lucas
Al Capones Pizza, Puerto Peñasco

Sweets & Desserts Winners
La Bamba, Rosarito Beach
In Rosarito, you can find the very best American classic dishes being served at La Bamba on Popotla Blvd., just two turnarounds south of the AM-PM. Look for the checkered wall and signage, and prepare yourself for some great homemade treats not available anywhere else in Baja. Your hosts, William and Susan, are always on hand, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The décor, reminiscent of '50s diners, provides the mood for the experience, in addition to the music background ranging from Elvis to Dean Martin and more. The menu is an array of dishes ranging from hamburgers to corned beef hash. Oh, did I mention that everything is homemade, from scratch! As you slip into the plush tuck-and-roll booths, the daily specials are before you on a your placemat, which change daily. And the desserts, to die for, as there are cakes, pies, muffins, cheesecakes and even sugarless pies for those of us curbing our sugar intake.
Sweets & Desserts Winners
Baja Chocolate Lovers, San Felipe
Tre Galline Restaurant, Todos Santos
Tio Lupe's, Cabo San Lucas

WiFi Location
Fandango Bar, San Felipe
Hangout Cafe, Cabo San Lucas
Cafelix, Todos Santos