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New Years Party at Pavilion in San Felipe

We have such a good time having your folks as neighbors. They are so much fun and just great people. Our New Years Eve Party at the Pavilions was really amazing. It was a New York New Years from 6-10..sold out at 170 plus another 10 comps and we were so fortunate to have everything so completely in place.

 I had a friend of mine, Neil Whitney, join me onstage as a guest DJ. Neil  
 was the DJ years before we got here and is currently selling at El Dorado,
so the folks who remembered him got to re-experience their old memories and the energy in the room was insane. It was smooth as
silk and we were done in time to stop by the Jolly Mon which had a much different crowd than we did but it was very happening with lots of folks and I think everyone had a very successful and prosperous NYE.I think as of last night, we broke the record for the longest conga line in SF at a full 180... Could be wrong but the room was packed and no one was seated.

Theses photos only show about a fifth of the room but you get the idea. It's always a treat to have a night that filled with such over the top fun!

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