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Road Conditions - Jan 20-26, 2010

Jan 26, 2010 
The San Vicente Bridge is still out. No passenger cars yet. PU,s and trucks can cross the river below the Bridge. There are tractors to hire if needed. I was turned back just outside Ensenada by the Police. I drive a passenger car. There has been no rain here in Ensenada.
Submitted by:  Ron Wagner

Jan 25, 2010 - Traffic flowing...

Traffic has began to flow through the highway again... in El Rosario bridge, a path has been made on the river bed and a tractor was being used to help pull vehicles when needed.  People coming from the north that have stopped at BajaCactus Gas Station, told us that some bypasses have been made on the river beds of the other bridges that collapsed, and that now is possible to drive all the way to Ensenada.  Even though we cannot personally confirm this or the condition of these temporary paths on the river beds... it seems that, for the moment, road communications have been restored and there is a way through now (Jan 24th, 2010).  Let us hope this does not change with the upcoming rains announced for next week.
I forgot to mention that, according to some people coming through at the BajaCactus Gas Station, there was little or no fuel at the Gas Stations in the San Quintín area... we have received several people from San Quintín trying to buy fuel by the barrels.

At the BajaCactus Gas Station we still have plenty of fuel, however, since Pemex has not told us when they will be able to send us more, at the moment we are only selling whatever is needed to fill the tank of the vehicles.
Submitted by: Antonio Munoz

Jan. 25, 2010 - Baja Road Conditions - The recent spate of storms to hit California and Baja Norte have left quite a bit of damage to roads and bridges in Baja Norte. Reports are that there are several places of Highway 1 impassable at the moment, due to the heavy rains:

  • The bridge at Las Animas has collapsed.
  • The bridge at San Vicente was also affected.
  • Apparently, the bridge at Colonet has also been damaged.
  • The bridge in Col. Guerrero is damaged.
  • The bridge in El Rosario has partially collapsed... many stranded people south of it... food supplies are being delivered with ropes over it.

Submitted by: Alan Thompson

Jan. 24, 2010 - Road Report from Loreto BCS to San Felipe BC
Just did the detour route off 1 to
San Felipe today (Saturday). Started off in Loreto heading north this morning and just made it to San Felipe tonight.
Approaching Guerrero Negro there were some vados with running water over them. Nothing major. Then close to Vizcaino a long, deep wash. Looks like the whole town turned out to watch the brave (or stupid) made the crossing. We made it ok, but that was just the beginning. Had to cross 2 more raging washes. Finally I had to take care of some "business" and I happened to be at the turn off for San Felipe. Just then a pick-up was coming south from Cataviña. He was headed back to Guerrero Negro, but I told him the washes were running hard and getting deeper. He said he watched the last one we crossed for 3 hours the day before and decided to head back to Cataviña for the night. As we were talking a police truck was heading towards us from San Felipe direction. We asked how the road was and they said it should be good except for a real ugly part just down the road from us. So we chanced it.

Just 5 mins down the road a good 30' of road was gone, washed out. Some guys were trying to make it work throwing tires and filling them in to make the transition from road to washed out section and back up easier to do. I was the last of about 5 trucks to make it through. It was pretty hairy.

The good news is that it was pretty straight forward from there, except for a wash or two (or three) filled with rutted and loose sand. 4X4 wasn't a requirement because I followed a Ford F-150 4X2 that made it and he followed a Toyota Tacoma lowboy 4X2!! I had to congratulate that guy after he made that big jump. Not so sure he's in alignment now, though. But at least he's moving in the direction he needed to go. I have a Toyota Tundra 4X4.

3-4 days in Cataviña with the possibility of another storm moving in within a few days was not something I wanted to do. Thankfully it worked out. An added bonus was that the new pavement south of Puertecitos started WAY earlier that I expected! It was a beautiful sight to see! Fresh new blacktop around 8-12 miles south of Puertecitos. Can't wait til they make it all the way to 1!

However, since it was my first trip on 5 I didn't understand how serious they were when they said "ZONA DE VADOS". I bottomed out pretty good on the first one going about 60. Then the second one surprised me, too. By the third one I was almost sliding sideways into it trying to slow down. Lesson learned.

Our hearts go out to all those stuck or otherwise inconvenienced. Be careful out there. Submitted by: Steve Kawaratani

Around San Quintin area: Jan. 22, 2010

The bridge one mile south of where you turn to go to Jack's house is gone completely, the bridge 1/2 mile north of San Facieta is gone. The bridge at Los Pinos is damaged on approach down to one lane, several bridges south of Ensenada are damaged. There is no gasoline, no LP gas, and food in stores is out or short supply. It must have rained 10 inches or more & we had 80 to 100 mph winds . It took that 10 ft dish and broke it off at the ground, it broke the girls basketball goal in half, it broke the clothes line 4 inch post in half, it took a lot of my roof off, it leaks everywhere, the picture windows where shaking so bad I thought they where going to blow out.
Submitted by: Tennessee Tommy via Bob Meeks/O'Neils
1-22-2010 at 06:56 PM

In Guerrero Negro. Federal Police have informed us that Laguna Chapala is a lake over the road, not passable. Both vados in Catavina are flowing and not passable. Three bridges are closed south of Ensenada before San Quintin. If we try to move north tomorrow, we will keep you posted on how it goes. If you don't hear from us then you know we are somewhere in between Guerrero Negro and Ensenada!! If anyone makes it through these spots today, please advise. Thanks, Marla. posted on
Submitted by: Various via Nancy Nordstrum

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