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San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta 2010 Featured Band

The bands of the 2010 Blues and Arts Fiesta coming up Saturday March 27th in San Felipe, Baja California are going to be a great mix of musicians from all over the United States! There should be a blues style of music for everyone who appreciates this particular edge of love, pain, and pure joy, delineated in the chords and methods of some of the masters of this music.This is good time to visit San Felipe. We are having “no bad days” with beautiful weather, especially since so many states have been hit with rigid, arctic temperatures and snow to shovel. If you are remotely curious about how we live and play in the Baja this is the time to visit. You can get information on how to get here, how many hours it will take, and where you can stay by logging on to any San Felipe, Baja Web Site.

Now for some info on these great bands......First are Alice Stuart and her band the Formerlys. Mark Willett plays bass, Steven Flynn plays keyboards, Rick Boice plays the drums. Pat Tennis and Lance Johnson also round out the band’s sound.

Alice was a pioneer musician and a woman with a mission. She started building her love of music by taking up piano and she learned to play the drums in junior high school. At 14 she was writing her own songs and later she began to be noticed by top musical promoters. As a result she played with such greats as Joan Baez in 1964 at the Berkley Folk Festival. Guitar became her favorite instrument and her astute lead playing impressed many great performers. She met Frank Zappa in 1965 and played in his band for several months. Eventually her musical career halted for several years while she raised a family. Then in 1994 she began writing and performing again. The list is long, but she backed up some amazing artists such as, Jerry Garcia, Commander Cody, John Prine, Asleep at the Wheel, Tower of Power, and Dave Mason to name a few.

Early in her musical career she remained the only woman in the music business to write and play her own material. Her CD “Can’t Find No Heaven” was nominated for a Grammy in 2005!
The greatest musical achievement in her career was her induction into The Blues Hall of Fame.
More information about her is available on her website, a great place to review her life history. Love the Converse shoes on your home page, Alice!

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  1. Alice was inducted into the "Blues Hall of Fame" in 2009. What a treasure she is.