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FEATURE - San Felipe Home Builders

San Felipe Home Builders


Bill and Carol Spradlin, Owners of San Felipe Home Builders

Since its inception in 2005, San Felipe Home Builders has been creating custom homes in the San Felipe area that incorporate American quality and style with traditional Mexican flare. The ability to bring an American dream home to life in the ideal picturesque setting of San Felipe is just one thing that makes San Felipe Home Builders stand out from their competitors.


San Felipe Home Builders has over 20 employees and realized early on that hiring quality builders to do the work rather than contracting it out has saved them time and money in the long run. This gives them complete control over the finished product and gives them the ability to see to it that the work gets done right the first time.


San Felipe Home Builders adhere to U.S. standards for materials to ensure top quality and safety. When it comes to popular designs and products for baths and kitchens, there is a definite market for the American styles that San Felipe Home Builders are able to import. Aside from importing the best materials for the job, San Felipe Home Builders also makes a point of working with their clients for a truly customized finished home. They are also upfront with the client about the realities of the options they may envision for the finished home. If the client really wants a certain look or material that will not live up to its expectations once done, San Felipe Home Builders will truthfully advise that client about potential repercussions and also give them advice on what may work out better in the long run.


Originally coming to the area to semi-retire and help out with projects for their church, the owners of San Felipe Home Builders have a personal mission that has made them an integral part of the San Felipe community. They have three orphanages in the works that will house up to 12 girls each. These quality built homes for orphans will eventually be run by married couples who will work to instill a sense of family and purpose for the children who live there. Since 2006, San Felipe Home Builders has worked diligently and with the local government and community to make these orphanages a reality.


Since the changes in the American economy have rippled through the global market, business has slowed a bit, but San Felipe Home Builders has kept afloat and knows that the American dollar currently goes farther in San Felipe than in the past. This makes now an excellent time to invest and build in the area.


San Felipe Home Builders have moved north from downtown but can be easily contacted through their website or by calling Bill at (619) 920-2292 or Carol at (619) 200-6456.


Beautiful Customs Home by San Felipe Home Builders


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