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LORETO - The Animalandia Spay & Nueter Clinic

Feb. 16 - 18 Animalandia Spay & Nueter Clinic in Loreto BCS Mexico
More info  please contact Linda Welch at 135-1747, or e mail 

The Animalandia staff would appreciate volunteers for our upcoming clinic to prepare and deliver lunches to the World Vets and their volunteer staff (approx. 15 people).  Volunteers to help in other areas are not needed for this clinic as World Vets bring their own helpers.  We originally had all three days covered (for lunches); however, all who offered their services realized these dates would not work for them so we are asking for your help.  Animalandia will help cover the expenses.  Food items such as sandwiches, chips, fruit salads, green salads, taco salads, hamburgers, tacos, etc., (your choice) would be greatly appreciated.  Anyone interested please contact Linda Welch at 135-1747, or e mail  Thank you, Linda Welch

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