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LORETO - El Caballo Blanco Booksigning Draws Crowds of Nature-lovers in Loreto

More than 60 people crowded together inside and outside our small Loreto bookstore Tuesday, February 16th..  All attention was focused, not on noisy street traffic or patio tables loaded with food and wine, but on one speaker...Markes Johnson, and his colorful descriptions of Baja geology, and coastal ecosystems that make our Sea of Cortez the unique and fertile "upside rainforest"  described by a tourist. Markes Johnson's love of Baja, and his energy and passion for his subject fascinated us, making  everyone here long to become a paleontologist or geologist...'when we grow up!'
Markes Johnson is a professor at Williams University in Massachusetts, coming here each year, and his passion and knowledge for his subject are immediately apparent. However, it's his personal anecdotes, stories and descriptions of places he's seen and studied, that enthrall us. The huge turnout also proves that Mexican and Americans in this small village are curious and anxious to learn about the beautiful natural world around us.  We do all love fishing, our margaritas, zumba, playing bridge or Mexican Train, and afternoon cervezas.  It's to our credit, that we're also aware of the mountains, coastlines, and water surrounding us.
After answering questions, Markes signed copies of his two books, "Discovering the Geology of Baja California", and "Atlas of Coastal Ecosystems in the Western Gulf of California."  Our bookstore is presently almost sold out of both books, but will be restocking them again.

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