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Saturday - March 13, 2010
BajaHaHa Golf & BBQ (Moose, Pork, & Beef) 
An East Cape Guild Event - Opens at 3:30 - BBQ is served 5-6pm and food is plentiful.
Tickets: Frank and Margy Harper  142-8014  or Cheryl 141-0308

Golf starts at 1pm on the 2nd arroyo north of Los Barriles with hotdogs on sale at 12:00. This is a spectator event so come on out to watch or to play. Ride your Quads or walk the course.

This will be Tournament Number 12 for the twice a year fund-raiser of the East Cape Guild. The arroyo golf event was first held in 2004 and has raised more than $18,000 in donations since it began. These donations are added to the donations from other East Cape Guild events and Donors. The East Cape Guild has now helped more than 600 local East Cape students with scholarships to continue their education.
Information courtesy of The Baja Pony Express

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