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SAN FELIPE - 2010 International Blues & Arts Fiesta

Changing Lives Through Music and Art!
by Karri Moser
With the mind-blowing musical talent and accomplished artists exhibiting their work, the upcoming 2010 International Blues and Arts Fiesta just may be the largest and most entertaining yet. On Saturday, March 27, this will be the fourth year the fiesta has been held at the base of the mountains right along the picturesque Sea of Cortez.
The spectacular efforts of the professional lighting and sound technicians of the past Fiestas will be on hand again to provide the crowd with stunning visuals and astounding audio. The amazing stage will be the centerpiece of the festival where visitors will be allured by the aromas of the finest foods and drinks. With the best beach camping options available in this part of the world, San Felipe is the perfect locale for hosting such an outdoor event.
The list of musical acts on the schedule this year is astounding, and if the musical talent alone was not enough to ignite excitement and please the senses, you will be able to browse and acquire a wide selection of one-of-a-kind pieces by many local and not-so-local artists.
In the past, the International Blues and Arts Fiesta has raised over $65,000 for the charities sustained by the San Felipe Lions Club. The money has been vital to the building of an orphanage that gives abused or abandoned children a safe place to rest their heads. Money from the fiesta has also made a difference in the health of many San Felipe residents who could not have afforded basic health care without the clinics funded by the Lions Club. These free clinics give primary care, specialty care, emergency care and health education to those who need it.
Marketed by Mexico Living, and John and Rachel Pack, this increasingly popular and growing festival is only possible through the tireless efforts of the San Felipe Lions Club, whose extraordinary volunteers work many months to organize and produce it, and countless organizations and behind-the-scenes individuals who work to keep it growing in talent and attendance.
General admission is ONLY $20, and $25 if purchased that day, so don't miss the event of the year!


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