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SAN FELIPE: ZAPP has good news & bad news

First the Bad News! There is a really good chance, not absolutely definite yet, that there will be a roundup tomorrow prior to the beginning of the Semana Santa Holiday.

The Good News is that after a visit to ZAPP Animal Center last Tuesday by Dr David Ibarra, the Head of Animal Control in Mexicali, all the dogs rounded up will be brought to ZAPP Center. This was confirmed
yesterday when our attorney, Carmen Nuñez, spoke to Delegado Hazael Sierra Castillo. These dogs will not be taken to Mexicali or be euthanized. .

On Thursday morning I will patrol the streets myself looking for trucks picking up dogs and actually confirm the siting thru another email, but for now, forewarned is forearmed. Alert your friends and neighbors. The law is clear; any dogs off leashes are vulnerable.

Steven Forman,
Head DogMan
ZAPP Animal Center
Zero Additional Pupulation Project
707-320-4969 from the states
686-577-2708 in san felipe

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