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Statement from Rosarito Beach Mayor Hugo Torres regarding the weekend slayings

The following is a statement from Rosarito Beach Mayor Hugo Torres regarding the weekend slayings of three people in Juarez who were associated with the U.S. Consulate there:

“First of all, the sympathies and prayers of all of us in Rosarito go out to those killed, their friends and families and their colleagues in the U.S. Consul Service.

“As of now (Monday morning), we have heard of no definite motive for the killings in Juarez, which is 600 miles from here. We hope that one will be determined soon and those responsible for the heinous crimes brought to swift and appropriate justice.

“There are some early indications that members of a drug gang might be responsible. If that is the case, it is one more example of the damage done by the global growth, trafficking and consumption of drugs --- and of the need for even stronger international efforts to control it. This is especially true in the cases of those who would kill for their own personal financial gain.

“In Rosarito we have had considerable success in this effort. Our crime rate last year reached a five-year low and homicides were down 56 percent. With new services including a Tourist Police Force, we believe that Rosarito is safer and more welcoming than ever to the hundreds of thousands of people who visit us each year and the estimated 14,000 expatriates who have chosen to live here. We know we must continue the work.

“Finally, our best wishes also go to all the good and decent people of Juarez, which has become a central location in the struggle. We also look for Mexico to increase its efforts in the troubled city.”

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