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MAILBAG - Apirl 2010 Mailbag

Fishing Memories

Being an avid fisherman, I just wanted to tell you that the article by Tom Gatch, "Baja Bacalao," which appeared in your January edition, brought back many fond memories of my younger years as a fisherman. I can no longer get out as much as I want, nor do as much as I used to, but I do still enjoy talking about it and reading fine tales. I hope you print more articles such as this in your magazine.

—Tony Peters, Baja California

Tony, I have to agree—Tom Gatch definitely has a way with words. If you haven't read the March edition, you may want to check out Tom's "Baja's Saltwater Scorpion: Saga of the Sculpin." And, you don't want to miss his article this month. Tom tells me that pargo is fabulous!

Great Info

January issue: Great as usual. "The Gypsy Journal": I almost got to the question of can I drive to San Filipe on Highway 1 from Loreto. I'm told it is worth a drive, but I want to have a look. Your maps show the road stops at Puertocito and some maps show various dirt roads continuing further south; any recommendations?

February: More great info! "Mother to be," you get married first and then get pregnant, especially with language, cultural and perhaps religious differences. The traditional Mexican man has no respect for women, though it is changing slowly. Look elsewhere for a solid relationship.

"Centavo's Two Cents": I concur with Penny, and after 37 years in media, I'm really good at mime (even with a Mexican wife who speaks no tech Spanish) and entertain at the same time, and we all have a laugh.

La Huerita, good on ya!!!

—Joe Wachter, Loreto

Joe, thank you for all of the kudos. As you know, I've already sent you information on the drive from Loreto to San Felipe. I've also passed along your input to "Mother To Be," and your compliments to Penny Nask and La Huerita.



I'm just curious as to why some letters to the editor, or as you refer to it "Mailbag," contain the full name and city, and others do not. Why is that?

—Vicki Nutter, North Carolina

Vicki, great question! Well, as you already know, when you sent me your question, I replied back to you with the answer; but, in addition, I asked if I could use your full name and asked you where you live. If you had answered that you would prefer that I/we not give your full name and the city you hail from, we would respect your privacy and not print that information. This policy is not limited to just the "letters," but also to the "OP-ED," Reader Connection page or any other correspondence where a reader would prefer to remain semi-anonymous. In addition, if WE think that it would be in the reader's best interest to remain anonymous, we will not print their last name or city.

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