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Tell Me YOUR Story

As we all know, living in Baja is definitely the good life! But . . . How did you get here? How did you discover Baja and the secrets of the good life? And, how has moving to Baja improved your life?

Was it an accident? Were you just on vacation and all of sudden you said, “Wait a minute . . . I could have the best of both worlds here!” Or, did someone tell you about Baja? Were you reading Mexico Living and decided to check it out for yourself?

Seriously . . . I’m extremely curious. I’ve heard many stories from MANY people. Some ended up here as a result of a vacation. Others were looking for a way to stretch their dollar while, at the same time, having the availability of luxurious amenities. And others just wanted to get away from the “fast-paced” life in the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. So, what brought you to Baja and how has the move improved your life?

Moving a considerable distance from one state to another is traumatic and stressful enough; but, crossing the border can be even scarier. Each and every month, we tell you how great Baja is, and how you can have pretty much anything that you want . . . all you have to do is take the plunge and cross the border. However, we’re just like a parent teaching a child . . . no matter what we say, it takes proof—testimonials from “real” people that have taken the “leap of faith” and found out that they made the best (or one of the best) decisions of their life.

Share your story on how difficult the move was (or wasn’t). Let others know how much their quality of life can be improved; how they can communicate with family and friends; tell us about your trials and tribulations on figuring out the phone service; just tell us anything you’d like that will help fellow gringos enjoy this paradise and/or make the decision to take the plunge and cross the border themselves.

We’d like to hear your story—how you came to make the decision to move to Baja—the steps you took, the hurdles you overcame, how it improved your life, helped you achieve a goal or learn something that matters in life.

Email your story (and photographs) to today and share it with the world. 
Brenda Judy

P.S. As always, I’m interested in hearing from you, what you think of Mexico Living and any ideas or comments you may have to improve YOUR GUIDE TO THE GOOD LIFE. So, send your suggestions and comments to

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