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BUILDING MGMT. - San Felipe Management Service

Your One-Stop Builder and Mover

San Felipe Management Services was created in May 2005 and is the result of 65 years in managing people and projects. Kristy Deegan and Stan Shifflet realized there was a need for a professional management company to be the eyes, ears and voice for absentee owners during the construction of their home. They have aptly named their crew the “Dream Team,” which consists of the homeowner(s), the architect, contractor, legal team, interior designer, finishing contractor and building inspector. They pride themselves in building a home in only five months!

In addition to building projects, Fix-it Express is their new property management program, providing 24-hour emergency handyman services, as well as regular maintenance, including AC, plumbing, propane, solar, etc.

Located in Playa de Oro; Mexico (686) 576-0553, U.S. (760) 890-4447, email

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