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ENSENADA - Spring Wine and Art Festival at La Casa Vieja

Spring Wine and Art Festival at La Casa Vieja - April 17 & 18, 2010

A surprise event is forming and promises to be fun. Joanna Jones, of Joanna Jones Gallery on the coast, will be putting on a Tango exhibition. Joanna, Humberto her teacher, and friends are offering a lesson for those interested in learning this beautiful dance form.

We are fortunate to have Francisco Cabillo showing his smoldering painting style, as well as others from the Rosarito Beach area. Paula from La Bufadora will be showing her fine hand painted textiles, DJ's brilliant Huichol beading on Oaxacain black pottery is being featured and don't miss seeing Martina's unique "Sea Birds Totem" created from found objects with bead work.

Thom Toscano has created "You be the Judge." The artisan wine makers of the Guadalupe Valley will submit their wines for a blind taste test on Sunday the 18th. There is no entrance charge or no charge for the blind wine tasting, but if you would like to purchase a La Casa Vieja wine glass for $5.00 to use for the tasting they will be available. If you want to partake in the local artisan wines, you should be here at noon, as the tasting lasts as long as the wines do. Judging will be completed by 3pm and the winner announced at 4pm.

Food is not provided, however the Las Brasas Grill, in the newly built Palapa, is a delightful adventure into Argentinean grilled meats. The average price for one is around $10 and up. Includes french fries, salad, and grilled vegetables and fruit. They also offer table grills with a sizzling pile of grilled meats for a group gathering. They have a delicious offering of authentic Argentinean desserts. It is a good idea to order early as they get very busy late afternoon and evening. They do not take reservations. They serve soft drinks, and La Casa Vieja's own organic wines and of course there will be beautiful music! Come early, stay late!

Event begins at 11:00 a.m. and you can stay as long as you like. Traditionally there is an evening fire, so bring warm boots and jackets if you want to stay late.

We are located 2.3 miles beyond the 'Bienvendios A Ruta DelVino' sign and less then 1 mile past the village of San Antonio De Las Minas on the left side of the highway.  Our address is: KM 93.5 Carretera Ensenada a Tecate, San Antonio de las Minas, Mexico.

If you have any questions or need more information about the Festival please call Humberto or Colleen Toscano at 646-155-3153 or send an email to: Thank you!

Submitted by:  Lisa McCarthy

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