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Hallelujah! There is an RV Park in La Paz

by John Pack 

As an RV'er a stop in La Paz is almost a necessity, whether traveling north or south it's the ideal place to stock up. La Paz has some of Baja's best shopping, great mechanics, excellent restaurants, movie theater and much more. You can find just about anything you need in La Paz, except an RV park.
There used to be several nice parks, but as of 2009, the two remaining RV parks in La Paz closed. Fortunately, there still is an option for RV'ers just north of town in El Centenario at Campestre Maranatha, a 7-acre camp located 11 km north of La Paz, on the west side of the highway. Camp Maranatha is the only choice if you plan to stay in La Paz. 

Campestre Maranatha is very well maintained, clean with nice bathrooms, hot showers and laundry facilities. The grounds are meticulously groomed by very friendly staff. It also has a park area, pool, various park equipment for kids, picnic facilities and lots of shade trees. However, it is close to the main highway, so depending on your site, traffic noise can be disturbing. 

They already had about 20 full hookup sites, and recently opened an additional 24 full hookup sites to accommodate the extra travelers.

In addition to being an RV park, Campestre Maranatha is a Christian campground used by local churches, schools and families for their different activities, and is also the base for Maranatha Ministries in Mexico.

The original founder of the park was a missionary and used to fly to La Paz to do his missionary work. He owned his own airstrip, which once was where the RV park and campestre is now.  “Maranatha” means “Our Lord has come.”

Churches use the campground for youth and children’s camps, adult seminars, spiritual retreats and fellowship meetings. Their swimming pool is not only used for fun and games but also as a place where hundreds are baptized each year.

Both public and private schools are welcome to use the camp. For example, students enjoy coming to celebrate Dia del Niño, or Children’s Day. Sixth grade classes find it an exciting place to celebrate their graduation from primary school. Boy Scouts even hold meetings at Campestre Maranatha. You can expect to have activity at the camp nearly every weekend. 

Although it is outside of town, the local bus stops directly in front of the coffee shop “Exquisito” on the corner, and the ride to town is only 8 pesos. It comes by every 30 minutes. It's the El Centenerio bus, which makes it easy to identify, so you don't get on the wrong bus when returning. “Exquisito” also offers Internet Wifi and FREE phone calls to the USA or Canada with any purchase.

Campestre Maranatha is $20 per night. The camp administrators are Cindy and José Nuñez, and they can be reached by email at

GPS Location:
Latitude: 24° 5'52.62"N
Longitude: 110°23'13.13"W

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  1. AquaMarina RV Park is open again as of 2012 and is another great option - the only waterfront RV Park in La Paz!