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HOME & GARDEN - Turn you Home into a Paradise (MLG Mar. 2010)

Turn Your Home & Garden Into Paradise!
Profiles of Some Specialty Businesses
Your home and garden are the embodiment of your paradise . . . the space where you spend most of your time in Baja . . . the space that is especially important to you.  

Turning your home and garden into the paradise of your dreams can be both invigorating and relaxing; however, sometimes even the “handyman” in all of us needs a little help.

A vast peninsula extending some 1,250 km (775 miles), Baja has two time zones, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California (or "Sea of Cortez"), four main desert areas, the Tropic of Cancer . . . and that only includes the "Garden" half of the equation.

Baja is also home to fine artists, craft workers, and professionals known for their knowledge and abilities to build, create or construct products with high degrees of excellence, to help turn your dreams into reality. Baja's diverse professionals provide you with as many quality choices as this vast peninsula does in geography and life. 

From turning that boring backyard into an outdoor oasis to making your bedroom an island paradise, when creating your space, look to the businesses and artists in your Baja community. Whether your paradise is tropical or desert, seaside or mountains, Gulf or Pacific, you will find professionals with a unique gift, product or service that will help you turn your space into a Shangri-la! 

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