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LORETO - Animalandia has Puppies!!!

Animalandia is again in a puppy crisis!!  6 puppies were put over the fence during the night.  Also, another dog (33 lbs.) was found wandering on property behind the ice house.  He was found with a big heavy chain around his neck and he had gotten tangled up and stuck in a pile of debris with no food or water until found half dead.  He has been fed and watered for a few days and seems to be well on his way to being a healthy dog.  The larger dog is a male and the pups are of course mixed (male & female approx. 7 weeks old).  All were dewormed today.  They will be vaccinated as adopted. 

Looking for a puppy or larger dog please contact Linda Welch or call 613
-135-1747. Also, anyone going to the states (driving), can call to see if they are taking any animals from Mexico.  We would make sure you have the proper certificates to take them north.  Thank you all for your help in this matter.  Submitted by Linda Welch

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