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LORETO - "Loreto Fest 2010" Cooking Competition Registration

Loreto Fest 2010 "By the Sea" April 30 - May 2nd

The Loreto Bay National Park is hosting a cooking competition, "Flavors of the Sea" as part of the April 17th Festival "Loretanos, for a Sea Full of Life!"  Join us in celebrating the richness of the marine products available in our park, and the importance of using them sustainably.

1.       PARTICIPATION:  anyone residing within the municipality of Loreto is invited to participate.  Professional chefs are welcome to participate and promote their best recipes, however they will not be eligible to participate in the competition.
2.       REGISTRATION: pre-registration is required in the central park office on Calle Victoriano Arnes between Pedro de Ugarte and Julian de Mallorga, or by calling Perla Lozano at the same office at 135-0477.  (For assistance in English, call or email Cynthia Mayoral, 613-111-0510.)
3.       THEME:  Celebrate the richness of the marine products available in our park.  Each entry should include, in some way, chocolata clam, either as the principal, or a secondary ingredient.  All marine products used must be legally obtained.
4.       PRESENTATION:  The food will be presented at the "Loretanos por un mar lleno de vida" Festival at the dock/marina on the malecón, Saturday, April 17th, from 10am – 2pm.  Each dish should serve small portions for a minimum of 10 people to sample.
5.       PRIZES: First prize is $1000 pesos plus a surprise gift, second prize is $750 pesos plus a surprise gift, third and fourth prizes are surprise kitchen appliances.  And, of course, everyone wins by celebrating the importance of enjoying and caring for our marine resources.
6.       JUDGES:  The panel of judges is comprised of local chefs
7.       CRITERIA FOR JUDGING:  dishes will be judged based on flavor, presentation and originality
8.       AWARDS:  awards will be announced and prizes given at the closing ceremony at 2:00pm
9.       LOGISTICS:  Loreto Bay National Park is responsible for all of the logistics of the event (tables, chairs, napkins, etc.)  If anyone wants to add their own touch to the presentation, they are more than welcome.
Submitted by:  Cynthia Mayoral

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  1. The information about "Loreto Fest 2010" Cooking Competition is inaccurate. These are "TWO" separate events.

    "Loreto Fest 2010" is held on the water at Puerto Escondido 27 KM south of Loreto, April 30 - May 2, 2010. Theme for this year's fest is "BY THE SEA" Loreto Fest is a 3 day fun event with games, contest, seminars, workshops, kids activities, swap meet, chili cook off, great music in the evening, a silent action and raffle. All monies collected from the sale of this auction go to the education and support of our local schools in Luigi, San Javier & some University students. There are a few items that may go to the sailing program. For further information visit

    Loreto Pride Campaign "Loreto Pride Cooking Completion is being held in the town of Loreto in conjunction with Earth Day. The date for this Saturday's Pride event has been changed from April 17th to Saturday, "April 24th". For more information, please contact or at 613-111-0510, or call the park office at 135-0477