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NEWS & POLITICS - Help to the earthquake victims of Valle de Mexicali

Marcos Otis (of grupa 99) organized a small group with the San Felipe BC Lion's Club for an incredible day of helping people in need. The day was spent in the Valle de Mexicali, at the epicenter of the 7.2 earthquake. A stake bed truck full of food, water and supplies, thanks to the San Felipe Lions Club, Javier Batiz and the generous people of San Felipe was delivered to Valle de Mexicali. The "Delagado" of Venustiano Carranza,(local municipal government), where the "Mayor" gave us a police unit to escort to use, as our "scout", to the most needy and remote of villages.

"We were prepared for the terrain with 6 four wheel drive vehicles and we were glad to have them. We encountered the most amazing, resilient and beautiful people I have ever met. It was a truly moving and emotional day; the kind that makes you glad to be alive!" said Jim Moore.

"Most of the people are living outside their homes because the government has condemned them. They are sleeping on the ground or in tents if they have been lucky enough to acquire one. They are in need of a safe water supply and wood for cooking on a fire, tents sleeping bags, diapers, sanitary items toiletries, and rice beans tortillas and flour to make more tortillas, the list goes on and on." said Pamela Pastore

The families are farm workers with no work, no money and no food. The food and supplies were greeted with smiling faces of the mothers, the fathers and the radiant eyes of the children. This disaster was felt and affected many in need and these people are going to need help for awhile. Please visit the San Felipe BC Lions Club website for more info and the photos - coming soon. If you would like to help the victims of the Mexicali earthquake contact Marcos Otis on his cell: 011-521-686-114-5043.

Information from Jim Moore
president elect of the San Felipe Lions Club

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